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We are one of the leading SAP Partners in Singapore and a global SAP Platinum Partner. Our team of experts has helped customers across Asia since 1997 to implement SAP solutions – from R/3 to S/4.

Our customers are in all private sectors and range from small local businesses implementing their first ERP solution, to truly global MNCs with thousands of SAP users and decades of internal experience.


Our experienced project and program managers have years of experience implementing full-scale ERP solutions at companies of all sizes. We help you establish a program management office to ensure your implementation stays on track, change management is executed in a structured manner, and all stakeholders are updated regularly and continuously.

To ensure the project is executed successfully on time and on budget, we use proven methodologies with templates, clear guidelines, milestones and deliverables. We use clearly defined “stage gates” to transition deliverables from one point to another. Throughout the project we maintain effective relationships with business users to detect and remove potential stumbling block early on. We continuously measure project progress with clear and concise metrics and KPI’s, and engage in proactive risk management to minimize project risk at any point in time.


The actual implementation of any business transformation is a journey from initial kick-off to after go-live support. To execute any implementation we assemble a team of experts across various disciplines, with expertise in both the software to be implemented as well as your industry. As business transformation projects require teamwork and a joint approach to success, we take specific care to address the aspect of cultural fit to your organization.

We have a local team of experts that speak your language, understand your industry and can relate to the unique challenges of your organization. Throughout the project we work with you in a partnership approach and provide the required flexibility to ensure a successful implementation.


One of the key considerations of any larger software implementation is data migration. A successful data migration starts early in the project to avoid problems and potential project delays later on. Too often planning for data migration is left until too late, and the required resources and the difficulty of the migration are frequently underestimated.

As soon as the design of the future software supporting your business transformation is finalized, we provide you with suitable templates to start data cleansing and migration activities. Depending on the size of data to be migrated, a comprehensive data migration strategy will need to be developed taking your unique situation into consideration. Our team will work together with your business users to ensure data is migrated completely and consistently without interrupting business continuity.

Change Management

Change Management is one of the most underrated challenges in any implementation. People are busy with day-to-day activities, and are concerned about the impact on software implementation on their ability to perform their job. In addition, software implementation projects usually lead to changes in business processes as part of their objective to raise productivity in the organization.

We help you to manage change as part of our business transformation process. Our approach is hands-on and based on years of experience of business transformation projects. Our methodology to address change management covers the 4 phases of denial, resistance, exploration and commitment. We help you anticipate the psychological effects of business transformation on the people within your organization, and guide your team throughout the entire change management process.

Some of our customers


  • SAP CX
  • Chemicals


  • Industrial Machinery & Components

PSC Corporation Ltd

  • IT Strategy
  • Food & CPG


  • Maritime
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