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  • SAP Business ByDesign

How Much Does SAP ByD Cost?

SAP Business ByDesign (SAP ByD) is an exceptionally features-enriched suite. Well, given the transparency it brings to operations, the common notion mostly is that it must be too costly. Actually, to decide about the cost or affordability of this suite, one needs to take into consideration certain points. For example, license cost, implementation cost and others. 2021 update on SAP ByD cost The implementation cost and support cost vary according...

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  • SAP Concur

Invoice Management Tips for SMEs

Are you fed up of losing your valuable business money due to inaccurate bills being generated? Invoicing is one of the most misplaced and mismanaged aspects of a business that leads to significant financial disbalances. The major challenges that businesses face, especially small and medium-sized ones, are incorrect invoicing or not sending bills at all. Even worse than that is when certain invoices are not generated at all. This results...

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  • SAP Business One

SAP Business One and Industry 4.0

Let’s imagine… You are shopping in your neighbourhood supermarket. You want to pick up a bottle of wine but can’t make up your mind. After standing in front of the wine sector for a while your phone pings. It’s a coupon of 10% off for a wine that you haven’t tried yet but is similar to a wine you bought from this shop last week. “Great, thanks!” – you think...

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  • Current Affairs

Industry 4.0 in Malaysia

Being a trading nation, Malaysia continually seeks innovative ways to grow their market and deliver more improved products. The Southeast Asian country has radically improved its manufacturing sector over the past few years, making it the leading player in the global market. This is what made Malaysia into a major industrial nation. The country’s manufacturing industry has undergone rapid evolution in recent decades, starting from mass-scale production to the use...

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  • Industry 4.0

How Does SAP Software Support Industry 4.0?

Living in an era of high market volatility, it’s important for companies to respond to the dynamic customer trends, demands, and uncertain supply. Moreover, the current pandemic crisis has led to various challenges like budget and capacity constraints, change in customer behaviours, etc. Businesses, therefore, need to offer more sustainable and personalized products. The fierce market competition forced companies to undergo a digital transformation and adopt an Industry 4.0 model....

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