Headquartered in Malaysia, TrickleStar is a SME which manufactures affordable, simple and easy-to-use products that help ordinary people reduce daily energy consumption in their homes and workplaces. The company operates on a global level, with manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan, an operational headquarter in Malaysia and a sales and distribution team in the US. TrickleStar is a leader in the design and manufacture of products that conserve energy, improve people’s lives and minimize environmental impact and is recognized for its product quality, superior safety features and outstanding customer service.

"Axxis Consulting really understood our complex business requirements. Together with their team we were able to drill down into the process, find and eliminate redundancies, and build the foundation we needed to support sustainable business growth. Thanks to SAP Business One, our response time to our customers with accurate delivery information has gone down from up to two days previously to mere minutes. Since we went live with SAP Business One, our staff doesn’t need to do ‘busy work’ any more, but can focus instead on activities that add value to the organization. – Gunananthan N., CFO of Tricklestar"

The Challenge

As the company grew over the years, it quickly became apparent that TrickleStar needed to find a better system that could help support its growth. Like many other SMEs, TrickleStar relied mainly on spreadsheets to run operations, while finance and accounting processes were managed with QuickBooks. Inventory processes were run manually, while up-to-date inventory information had to be disseminated via email to sales and operations personnel. This made the whole sales process less efficient, resulting in delays in providing their customers with the delivery information they need.

The Solution

TrickleStar needed a solution that was affordable, user-friendly and mobile. In addition, they wanted a system that could support its complex logistics process and help it track shipments from plant to customer. Considering that the company did not have their own inhouse IT team and needed a system that can support a global operating user base, it quickly became clear that CloudOne, which is Axxis’ pre-configured cloud-hosted solution based on SAP Business One, was the ideal choice.

The Results

TrickleStar has seen significant improvements in operational efficiency just six months after going live.

Real-time integration of warehouse inventory and visibility of shipments across the entire logistics chain have enabled the sales people to get accurate, timely information, allowing them to provide their customers with accurate shipping and delivery times.

CloudOne has also helped TrickleStar to automate many of its business processes, reducing non value-added activities and time required to complete them. Thus, allowing the company to put more focus on much more important core business activities.

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Implementation of CloudOne

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