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Dental Focus International is a network of dental clinics and professionals that provide variety, diversity and accessibility to dental care throughout Singapore. Its mission is to deliver patient centric dental services in a modern setting using the latest technology, while making dentistry affordable and accessible to all patients. Dental Focus provides a wide range of services, from preventive dentistry and wisdom teeth extraction to root canal and Botox treatments.

Over the years, the company has grown rapidly, expanding to 18 locations within Singapore.

"Axxis Consulting has provided us with a flexible platform for growth and real-time insights that will fuel Dental Focus’ expansion for years to come. - Nerissa Leaw, Finance Manager"

The Challenge

Continuous growth and various expansions over the years have resulted in disparate systems and processes. Existing financial processes were also outdated and very time-consuming as financial and customer data was entered and tracked manually through Excel.

The management team needed to find a system that will allow them full visibility into the organisation and overall business operations, giving them real-time data and insight to make timely and accurate business decision. They also needed to a solution that will help them standardize business processes across the organisation and improve overall organisational efficiency by eliminating redundant activities.

In addition, the team also wanted an inventory management system which will help them track and manage inventory throughout its network of clinics.

The Solution

Working with Axxis Consulting, SAP Business One was identified as the ideal solution for Dental Focus.

Through the SAP Business One system, the management team will be able to get full visibility into the whole organisation from a single platform with real-time data being tracked every second for quick and accurate decision-making. It will also help Dental Focus standardise business processes and remove time-wasting redundant activities, improving overall organisational efficiency and employee productivity.

SAP Business One’s finance module complete set of tools will also allow Dental Focus to manage cash flow, view financial statements and streamline financial processes easily. Its inventory and distribution module will also be able to manage and track inbound and outbound shipments, inventory and item location, among other things, satisfying Dental Focus needs for an inventory management system.

The Results

Axxis Consulting was able to implement SAP Business One off-site and complete the project with two months, minimising the disruption of Dental Focus’ daily operations. With scheduled workshops, users were also sufficiently equipped with the skills to use the system before the system went live.

After the implementation of SAP Business One to its 18 clinics, Dental Focus has seen significant improvements and benefits of the system to its overall organisational efficiency.

The Group plans on integrating Business One with their in-house clinic system in the near future, allowing them to further consolidate information and streamline business processes, simplifying their IT landscape.

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