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Kyoei Denki is a Japanese electronics material trading company with over 50 years of experience in the industry. It provides a wide range of industrial materials, optical products and processed goods. Founded in 1951, Kyoei Denki has 17 offices spread across Asia.

"Axxis Consulting and AWS allowed us to develop a flexible platform which will stimulate Kyoei Denki's growth and give the company more visibility. Since our move to the cloud with Axxis and AWS, we are now able to innovate faster and much more easily develop our business environment and manage our service offerings." – Tan Woan San, Finance & Administration Manager

The Challenge

Kyoei Denki has been a user of SAP Business One’s on-premise solution since 2007. While the company was satisfied with the current existing system, they soon realised that they needed to update it in order to support the growth of their business.

In addition, maintaining an on-premise system was proving to be a costly affair for the business. With only a small IT team in place, the team had difficulties keeping up with server issues and the daily demands of the existing system. The system was down on average once per month, which negatively impacted business operations.

Kyoei Denki also needed to find an easier and more seamless way to remotely access information from the system as the current method of accessing the system through a VPN was time-consuming and costly, hindering business expansion plans overseas.

The Solution

Kyoei Denki decided to engage Axxis Consulting to help them identify the best solution for the business and to implement the solution across the company, including rolling it out to their other businesses in Philippines and Malaysia.

After much thorough discussion with Axxis Consulting, Kyoei Denki decided to migrate their existing system to the cloud to reduce cost and friction for the business. As such, SAP Business One hosted by AWS was picked as the ideal solution for Kyoei Denki due to its highly reliable, scalable and low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud.

The Results

Working with Kyoei Denki, Axxis Consulting helped to quickly identify main system requirements needed to upgrade the existing system, migrate it to the cloud and roll it out to the other businesses in Philippines and Malaysia.

After the migration and upgrade to SAP Business version 9.2, the business experienced significant improvements in productivity and reduced overall business costs.

Kyoei Denki is now able to access information on the system seamlessly and conveniently from anywhere in the world without a VPN as a result of moving to the cloud.

Potential disruptions and system downtime has also been significantly reduced or eliminated after its migration to AWS’ secure cloud servers.

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