Welcome to our SAP Business One demo page. Please find below a collection of videos and documents that comprehensively outline the incredible functionality, features and benefits of SAP Business One.


SAP Business One
HANA – Highlights


In this video, we provide a quick demonstration of the core SAP Business One user dashboard.

Enterprise search

Have a look at how you can use "Google-like" search capabilities across your business data


SAP Business One has all the functionality a growing enterprise needs - from accounts to services.

Cash Flow Forecast

User customisable cash-flow forecast dashboards - on your desktop or your mobile device

Customer 360 View

Get the entire information of your customer in one glance - from sales order to AR and credit.

Business Partner

Dashboards for customers or vendors provide insight of all relevant information in one glance

Multiple Legal Entities

See how easy you can switch from one legal entity to another - ideal for growing businesses.

Gunananthan N.


Thanks to Axxis Consulting and SAP Business One, our finance team hardly works overtime anymore, and our response time to customers went from about 2 days to a matter of minutes

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End-to end scenario:

01 Sales Order

Sales orders are created easily, with integration to credit control and inventory availability

02 Delivery

With a simple copy / paste, a sales order is converted into a delivery note and the products are shipped

03 Invoice

Real-time integration to accounting helps to avoid redundancy and double-entries.

04 Payment

Finally, incoming payments are reconciled, mapped to the invoice and processed with ease

05 Financial Traceability

All entries are traceable, ensuring financial compliance and simplifying yearly audits

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