SAP Business One Cloud is an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) tool for SME (Small and Medium Enterprise). The affordable tool allows you to manage your business functions in one place. Everything runs on cloud giving you easy scalability and better performance.

There are hundreds of things SME business has to deal with. SAP Business One Cloud makes everything easier for you by providing everything at a single place. So, businesses can manage all the business functions directly from one place.


Why SAP Business One Cloud?

SAP Business One Cloud is an all in one solution for all your business needs. It is an affordable, integrated ERP solution that you can use for your business. Using this, you can manage all your business functions including but not limited to sales, marketing, inventory, and you can also track profit and loss with the same. It gives you complete information on the production and the quantity that your inventory holds.

The good part about SAP Business One Cloud is the real-time information. In this way, you can make smarter and quicker decisions for your business. Real-time insights will help you to improve the customer experience by analyzing the feedbacks.

It runs on the cloud and hence all your data is safe and secure in the server. Not to mention, it is easily scalable. Hence, whenever you feel like you want to level up the game, you can do it with ease. It also saves your money as you will spend less money than owning IT infrastructure.


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Axxis Consulting is an Amazon Web Service consulting partner and also has its own data center with Equinix. We have pre-configured SAP Business One Cloud to meet all the requirements of the industries. Our SAP Business One Cloud works with all the leading industries.

Further, getting SAP Business One in the Cloud by Axxis Technologies will help you to capture all the business information in a single unit. You can automate all your business processes for better results. Not to mention, it also helps you in improving decision making.

Lastly, the best part about going with Axxis Consulting is that you can quickly give your employees on-the-go access to the ultimate SAP Business One with our mobile application.


Functions of SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud will help you in all the end to end business processes. It includes sales, marketing, monitoring, investing, and various other things. The best part is that it helps you in managing all these things in one place. The main goal of the cloud is to decrease the number of errors and maximize business performance.

These are a couple of functions that you will get in the SAP Business One:

Accounts and Finance

Whether it is day to day accounting task or you want to streamline your entire financial operation, SAP Business One Cloud is a perfect solution for you. It gives you a complete report of all your financial activities. You can quickly see the number of transactions and other things. Further, it also helps you to track banking tasks. For a complete overview of SAP Business One: Finance and Accounting Module, please click here.

Sales and Customer Management

Most businesses use CRM to manage their customers. SAP Business One cloud also includes CRM. Along with this, you can manage your entire process of sales. It allows you to manage customer lifecycles from start to end. In other words, you can track the cycle from the first interaction to the final sale. You can use the same data to enhance the sales process.

It is necessary to manage the complete sales cycle. It includes all the receipts, invoices, refunds and returns, etc. With the SAP business one tool, you can quickly manage all the cycles with ease. You can store all your customer data in one place. Further, it also lets you manage the marketing campaigns. You can create, track, and analyze the cycle from the cloud.

Inventory management

With SAP Business One Cloud, you can manage the inventory. It helps you to get real-time insights with both inbound and outbound shipments. Some of the businesses have more than one warehouse, SAP Business One Cloud will let you manage the shipments across all the locations. In this way, you can manage all your inventory and distribution in one place.

Business Operations

SAP Business One can manage all the business operations. You can quickly manage the production orders, invoices, and also the price of the product. It allows you to manage your entire cash flow and track the assets. You can monitor all the project expenses and control your budget accordingly.

It allows you to manage your entire financial part also. It helps you to reduce errors and maximize the margins. Please click here to learn more about SAP Business One: The Project Management Module.

Reporting and Analysis

You can generate integrated reports with all the data. The data is fetched in real-time to create an accurate report. Further, the dashboard provides all the things to filter out your reports and data. SAP Business One offers all the MS Excel functionalities to filter and manage the reports. Last but not the least, you can also use search assistance and workflow alert to drag and relate your data. Besides that, SAP Business One’s Business Intelligence module can help your business drive a more efficient decision-making process.

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Advantages of SAP Business One Cloud

There are not one but many advantages you will get when using SAP Business One Cloud. Below given are some of the reasons why you should choose SAP business one cloud instead of on-premises:


Security is a big concern when running a business. However, you don’t need to worry here as SAP Business One Cloud is the most secure platform to keep your data. Axxis Consulting hosts the business cloud in their server giving you more security. The cloud is hosted on the Equinix data centre. Also, there are proper backups taken regularly giving you additional security.

Further, the data stored in the cloud is encrypted. Hence, it is impossible to steal the data. The system is transparent along with security. Therefore, you are always in control. It provides complete visibility and audibility. All of these combined make the Business one cloud more secure.

Easy access

You might need the information anywhere and at any time. Axxis Consulting keeps your key information ready whenever you want. All you need is an active internet connection and a device using which you can access the cloud. Further, Axxis Technologies also provides a mobile app for your employees. This makes it simpler for your employees to access the SAP Business One Cloud from anywhere.

Talking about admin access, you can access the cloud from any device whether it is PC, MAC, or you are using Linux. Having all-time access to your cloud will ensure more productivity and less loss. We make sure that the remote login page is secure as well as easy to use for all your employees.

Flexibility and Scalable

With SAP Business One Cloud, it is easier to manage the users. You can quickly add or remove users with just a few clicks. Whenever you wish to take your business to the next level, you can add more resources to the cloud. Further, you can also set the automation to manage users. It will automatically scale users by seeing your requirements.

This was all about the advantages of using SAP business one cloud. Now, let’s see a couple of reasons why you should go with Axxis Consulting when choosing SAP business one cloud.


Why Axxis Consulting?

Axxis consulting’s SAP Business One Cloud package is perfect for all the small and mid-sized businesses that are looking for a better system than just an accounting solution. The main focus of our company is to make all your operations easy and faster. We offer the most affordable package and hence even small businesses can use our cloud platform.

We have a complete package to give you the best experience. Our package includes the following things in SAP business one.

  • You can access the cloud from anywhere at any time. Our servers are always up and we also provide complete remote access for everyone out there.
  • Talking about remote access, we also have a mobile application for your employees.
  • We know that capturing and tracking the leads can be difficult. That’s why our cloud also includes CRM to capture all the leads. You can track and monitor them in real-time.
  • Comprehensive SCM is the next reason why you should go with our cloud.
  • Further, we offer the fastest deployment of the servers. Your SAP Business One Cloud will be ready in no time. You can be running all your operations with the clouds in just a couple of days.
  • Not to mention, the system is fully configured.
  • Lastly, we host the system on our data centre that runs on Equinix. Also, we are an AWS consulting partner. Hence, our data centre is agnostic.


Overview of Equinix

Equinix is an international company providing a fast and scalable data centre. This, allows us to create an amazingly powerful and custom application for you. In other words, it adds more features and functions to the existing cloud.

Let’s see how you can benefit from it.

  • The deployment is done rapidly. Unlike the traditional data centre, it won’t take much time to deploy the system. In simpler words, it will only be days instead of weeks.
  • You can extend the visibility across all the business functions
  • Scalability is easy. You can scale up your business whenever you want.
  • It enhances the agility for better decision making.
  • Automatic backups are the next advantage of the Equinix

Technical benefits

These are the technical benefits of using an agnostic data centre:

Software-defined technologies: With an agnostic data centre, one can use logical controllers to manage and control the entire hardware components. Therefore, with this, you will get more control over the automation as well as you can manage other functions more effectively.

Management: With Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS), physical data centre management is done properly. These servers have better physical security, power cooling systems, etc. These will keep the servers cool. Hence, you will never have to face any issues such as server crashes, etc.

Automation on a physical level: No doubt, when you are using the SAP Business One Cloud platform, you will get complete automation benefits. Moreover, when using an Agnostic data centre with the cloud, you will also get automation at the physical level. Axxis Consulting handles all the automation for you. As a business, you will get more powerful automation.


Hosted within Equinix International Business ExchangeTM (IBX®) data centers, Axxis CloudOne SAP Business One Starter Pack (Axxis CloudOne) leverages a digital edge strategy that helps small businesses simplify and modernize their infrastructure. With strong connectivity to the cloud—via the internet or Equinix Cloud Exchange FabricTM (ECX Fabric TM) for private connections, the solution enables access to Axxis CloudOne services from anywhere.


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What is the cost of SAP Business One Cloud?

Now that you know everything about the SAP business one Cloud, let’s have a look at the pricing too. Axxis Consulting provides SAP business one cloud at the most affordable rate. The minimum costing of the cloud starts from as low as $80 a month for every user. Depending on the requirements, the price might change.

Axxis Consulting allows you to choose the country (either Singapore or Malaysia), and you can also choose the primary functionalities you want. Also, the number of users is taken into consideration for giving a perfect quote.

If you want to know the exact amount, you can head over to the pricing quote and enter your requirements. The team will analyze it and contact you with the complete quote for the service.


Final words

To summarize, this was all about SAP Business One Cloud and Axxis Consulting. If you are not sure whether you want to go with cloud or on-premise, you can select “No preference” while requesting the quote. Our team will give you the quote for both and can also suggest the best plan to go with.

SAP Business one cloud is highly recommended for SME businesses that are using accounting software. Now, if you want to upgrade from accounting software and are looking for a simple, easy to use, and powerful solution, Business one is the ultimate stop for you. Feel free to check out our other products and also, if you have any queries, you can contact us today itself, our team will help you with everything. You can email us, call us, or chat with us.

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