So far you might have heard that SAP Business One serves to be an advanced solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Nevertheless, SAP Business One is also a revolutionary business management software solution that is known to provide access to a comprehensive range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

The given set of tools helps in converting the available prospects into potential customers while growing the respective customer base of an organization. Moreover, it helps in enhancing the notion of customer loyalty towards your brand. The unique CRM capability of the SAP Business One software solution helps in allowing businesses to handle customer relationships efficiently.

Lately, SAP Business One has reached new heights with the overall rigorous development and major improvements concerning the given set of functionalities. The latest version of SAP Business One B1 9.3 is known to contain features that aim at helping businesses significantly.

But, how CRM in SAP Business One can help you in forming improved customer relationships while boosting the overall success of your business?


First, we are about to unveil the advanced CRM functionality of SAP Business One. Next, the features of SAP Business One CRM and finally yet importantly the benefits of CRM in SAP Business One.

The advanced functionality of CRM in SAP Business One

  • Known to enable users to manage contacts with potential customers from a centralized location.
  • It allows them to keep track of the sales opportunities while gaining visibility in the respective sales pipeline.
  • Provide relevant sales support for building stronger and long-lasting customer relationships.

The Salient Features of CRM in SAP Business One

Some of the features of CRM in SAP Business One to look out for are:

1. Partner Management

You can make use of the vital master data of the respective business partner for recording as well as retrieving information related to business partners –including leads, vendors, and customers. Furthermore, It helps in scheduling the activities of business partners.

The vital information related to business partners :

  • Important company details like telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Contact persons of the business partners (e-mail addresses & telephone numbers).
  • Logistic information.
  • Tax details.
  • Details related to the terms of payment.
  • Accounting information.

The master data of business partners is known to form the bases for all-important sales & purchasing documents. Simultaneously, it helps in covering all activities that are related to the given business partner. Hence, you can make use of the available data for analyzing the business partner relationship in depth.


2. Campaign Management

You can easily create, maintain, and analyze the marketing event information because this can be achieved with CRM SAP Business One’s unique campaign management feature. Well, when you wish to manage the promotional campaign for your event, it would include the following set of steps:

  • Creation as well as maintenance of the target group.
  • Creation of a campaign with the help of the unique Campaign Generation Wizard.
  • Management of the campaign data.
  • Viewing as well as maintaining campaign data.
  • Generation of sales opportunities from the given campaign.
  • Filtration of the campaign response mails.
  • Going through the campaign list report.


3. Activity Management

By activity, we refer to the set of specific interactions that you tend to have with business partners. The business-related activities could include exchanging emails, calls, managing meetings, handling tasks, and various other types of activities out there.

In a typical business scenario, you expect to manage a single activity or even a set of recurring activities. So, all the activities can be recorded in the calendar automatically with the help of the advanced CRM in SAP Business One software solution. Specialized activity reports might also be used for recording activities too.

The innovative tools can be additionally used for:

  • Planning the entire day, week, or even month.
  • Analyzing the respective communications with the available business partners –the activities that are both currently active or have been closed.
  • Monitoring the overall progress of the respective sales opportunities along with service calls of the given business partners.

CRM diagram

4. Sales Opportunity Management

The specialized Sales Opportunity Management module of the CRM in business one solution allows you to track as well as analyze the opportunities that might be pending. The opportunities remain pending as per the progress of the respective activities like negotiations, meetings, and various other proceedings that might be in the given sales pipeline.

However, the comprehensive sales forecasting mechanisms of the software solution allow you to prioritize the overall sales activities while projecting potential earnings. When you make use of multiple tabs of the window stating “Sales Opportunity,” it helps you to process a specific sales opportunity –right from the creation of the opportunity to field configuration, updating, reporting, and closure of the opportunity.

Some of the unique features of the given module for you to try out are:

  • Linking a wide number of documents.
  • Selecting a unique owner for the given sales opportunity.
  • Designating a specific owner to the given opportunity.
  • Determining the respective employees’ access to the available information.
  • Generating graphical and tabular reports for providing multiple formats for in-depth analysis.
  • Analysis to be done on a per-stage basis and even on a per-user basis.
  • Filtering of the reports by important parameters including time period, sales employee, and business partner.


5. Sales Management

The given module is responsible for covering the entire process of sales in an organization –from the very beginning of the creation of quotations for the interested parties & customers to invoicing, creation of document drafts, and even printing.

Besides that, SAP Business One is known to provide an extensive spectrum of sales documents with every document about a unique stage in the given sales process.


6. Service Management

If your company is providing support services to the end customers, you can look forward to managing all the activities that might be related to the specific services with the help of a service component in CRM SAP Business One. For instance, you can look forward to:

  • Managing the interactions that take place between the customers and service representatives.
  • Maintaining information on specific items, service contracts, and serial numbers along with that of the inquiries and complaints by the end customers.
  • Monitoring and managing the activities on the given service departments with the help of both standard as well as custom reports. These reports can help in assisting the managers & support staff in day-to-day work.
  • Optimizing the potential of the respective sales & service departments while generating additional revenue with the support provided to vital business functions like:
    • Service operations
    • Customer support
    • Service planning
    • Tracking the customers & their respective interaction activities
    • Service contract management
    • Management of the respective sales opportunities
  • Creating a knowledge base of relevant solutions for recurrent issues that might be raised by the end customers. The business owners can look forward to managing the same as per the respective items. Therefore, when any particular problem arises, business owners can reduce the overall time to solve the same by searching for potential solutions for the given item.


7. Gaining Customer Insights

With the help of Customer Master Data, CRM in SAP Business One allows you to manage customers as well as lead data with the help of the simple user interface. Thus, the users can create as well as maintain customer-centric data, including name, email address, contact information, and even tax information.

At the same time, you can also manage relevant payment-related, customer-centric data including special discounts, credit lines, customer balances, bank & credit card information, and so more.

In addition, the Customer Master Data feature of the software solution allows you to automatically transfer stored data to subsequent transactions like sales orders, quotations, or deliveries.


5 Top Benefits of CRM in SAP Business One

mind map of CRM SAP B1 Benefit


1. Higher Sales Revenue

Through the provision of the right products or services as you are armed with the 360-degree view of the respective customers and their specific needs.

2. Faster Sales

Even profitable sales and quick conversions with the feature of effective opportunity and sales management specifications.

3. Ability to Anticipate the Needs of the Customers

SAP Business One allows the implementation of effective CRM and sales force to interact with the end customers. This implies that there is an additional provision to share customer-centric information as well on improving the pipeline accuracy.

4. Promoting Better Decision Making with CRM SAP Business One

If you wish to improve the decision-making process within the enterprise, you can consider investing in the CRM SAP Business One software solution for the best outcomes because SAP Business One helps you in customizing the customer-centric reports that might be vital for your enterprise.

5. Premium SAP Business One Solution at Competitive Pricing

If you are looking forward to managing the expenses, yet wishing to expand your operations, SAP Business One software solutions are the best choice because you can access this high-end software solution at a pocket-friendly price!

Make the most of the benefits offered by the innovative CRM for SAP Business One solutions for your enterprise!

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