To improve customer experience –  First, you must understand what the customer is experiencing and identify wherein the entire process of operation the problem originates. Therefore, you need an integrated system that offers you a better understanding of CRM and daily business operations. With the help of SAP CRM, you will better understand your customer requirements and develop your marketing and sales targets.

The objective of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is to evaluate clients’ responses and identify methods of meeting client expectations. As business operations have become more complex, evaluating customer experience has become all the more necessary. Let’s take an example –  The eCommerce businesses, where a business manager has to ensure all aspects of the operations, from inventory to POS, to logistics are managed smoothly. Consequently, he can assure that his customers received the required products on time.

Before deploying a CRM system, it is essential to understand the nuances of customer experience, expectations, and how you can build a stronger relationship with your customers.

What is Customer Experience and how does it helps your business relationship?

Simply put, customer experience can be the impression that your customers develop using the products retailed by your company. Similarly, customer experience is also the impression that your customers develop while interacting with your customer service department. If you are a service-based company, ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the service received will depend on the product and the interaction. Hence, in such a scenario, customer service will work in both ways.

If you want to get a numerical value of customer experience, it can be quickly evaluated with the help of a Net Promoter Score (NPS). This is done based on how likely your customers are to refer your company to friends and family. NPS has multiple data points. Hence, you can get a precise analysis of your performance from it. SAP CRM, with the help of NPS, will help you evaluate the following factors:

1. You can ask customers what are features of particular products appeal to them particularly.

When you discuss the features of products with customers, you will find it easier to evaluate which features you need to highlight on social media and marketing profiles. This can improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, it can help garner more customers.

2. A common feature for many companies is customer churn.

It is essential to identify the exact cause of customer churn and prevent it. In order to do that, you can run analytics or use NPS as it’s the best tool. You should ask your customers the cause for their dissatisfaction and identify the issue with your business operations. Once identified, you can resolve it and reduce the churn rate.

3. When your customer support team is resolving tickets, it is crucial to keep track of the issues being raised by your customers.

If there is a common trend in the tickets being raised, there is an issue with your business operations. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure that similar problems are not repeated if you seek to improve customer experience. Thus, to prevent the reoccurrence it’s recommended to keep track of the tickets.

4. While resolving the issue faced by your customer, you must develop a closer understanding of the root cause of the problem.

For example, you will have to check if it is an issue with stocking the product or with the item’s quality. Even if the problem gets resolved, you must identify the root cause of the problem to ensure that similar problems do not occur. Then, the respective teams in your company can be informed about the problem and take steps to prevent it. However, sometimes the issues cannot be dealt with in-house. Then, you might have to discuss it with the vendors from whom you procure the items to resolve the issue. In other words, to improve customer experience, a thorough evaluation of a problem is necessary.

When it comes to improving customer experience, a business manager must help the customers identify the problem with clarity if the customer feels unsure about the issue. At the same time, you should also be able to identify with ease where your business operations exist. When both are identified, you can resolve it and improve customer experience.

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Customer Experience Vs. Customer Service

It would be wrong to think that customer experience and customer service are synonymous terms. When you think of customer experience, it would mean the overall understanding, evaluation, and customer involvement right from purchasing the product to using the item. Thus, customer experience is the comprehensive relationship that your clients develop with your company or your brand.

Whereas, customer service is after-sales service and the service you provide while making a purchase. Say, for instance, you are the business manager of an eCommerce portal. Your customer is used to making purchases online, and they are used to excellent customer service. This would mean they do not have to wait for long hours to call the customer service department.

Similarly, they do not come across issues such as the product they require is out of stock. Additionally, you must manage logistics skillfully to ensure that the products reach the respective customers on time. Now, this creates an overall customer experience as you can provide excellent customer service. With a better understanding of your daily business activities and your customer requirements, this is possible.

Improved customer experience is necessary to create a loyal customer base and improved customer satisfaction. Subsequently, this will help in increasing your word-of-mouth marketing as your clients will give your company better reviews.

Thus, customer experience can be improved by better customer service, and customer service forms an essential part of the overall customer service provided by your company.

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Improve customer experience with SAP CX

As a business manager, just as you have to ensure that your company’s business activities are carried out smoothly, ensuring a better customer experience is also essential. One of the ways for doing so would be to opt for the SAP Customer Experience (CX) solution. This will help you gain an in-depth understanding of your customer requirements. Moreover, streamlines your company’s business activities. Some of the ways to improve customer experience with SAP CX:

  • SAP ensures that you can combine data collected from Marketing, Sales, Commerce, and Customer Service to identify the best method to meet customer requirements.

This is necessary to identify the best method to meet customer requirements. To improve CX, data needs to be collected from all aspects of your business operations to evaluate to wherein lies the problem.

  • SAP allows integration across platforms.

For example, if you want to integrate CRM with ERP, it can be quickly done on the SAP platform. Remarkably, to improve customer experience it’s necessary to provide better training to your employees. This cannot be done on a CRM platform but requires Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The data gathered from the CRM platform is obliged to be transferred and integrated with ERP. With SAP, you can do this easily. You will find it easier to allocate the training session and modules. As a result, it will improve the customer experience.

  • SAP CX provides five different cloud solutions:

    1. Sales Cloud
    2. Marketing Cloud
    3. Service Cloud
    4. Commerce Cloud
    5. Customer Data Cloud

Each of these is designed to provide you with specific insight into a particular business operation. Based on it, you can identify how this affects the customer experience. For example, the marketing cloud will help you evaluate the channels that you should utilize to attract more customers and create a loyal client base. It will give a greater perspective of your prospective client base. Also, you can launch campaigns through emails, phone calls, and social media platforms.

Similarly, the customer data cloud will help you understand customer behaviour and provide more personalized customer service. This is necessary to provide your clients with a better customer experience. Thus, SAP CX provides you with an integrated option for a better view of your business operations and to improve your customer experience accordingly.

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The essential part of customer experience is to understand how you can improve your customer service to meet your customers’ expectations. This can only happen if you have adequate data from all aspects of your business operations integrated on a single platform. This includes data collection of existing customers providing information about their customer experience, and providing their feedback.

In addition, the objective of customer service is to analyze and evaluate where you can improve your services to enhance customer experience. With the help of SAP CX, you can achieve all of these and more as this forms an integrated platform allowing you to improve the customer experience.

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