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SAP Sales Cloud is the leading CRM solution suite for companies of all sizes. We have ready-to-deploy pre-packaged solutions for SMEs, and deliver exceptional value for MNCs implementing SAP Sales Cloud globally. Get in touch!

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What are the benefits of SAP Sales Cloud?

Deployed in the cloud and designed as a mobile-first solution, it provides the tools and insights you need to understand your customers, automate critical selling processes, improve sales engagement, and close more deals. Companies using SAP Sales & Service Cloud were able to achieve a 10% uplift in revenue and achieve an ROI of 372% in 3 years

More than just a CRM

SAP Sales Cloud is a flexible and intelligent platform to enhance customer experience while empowering your sales force

Industry-Specific & Mobility

Accounts & Sales Management

Lead & Activity Management

Real-Time & Predictive Analytics

Personalization & collaboration

Back-Office Integrations


Industry-Specific & Mobility

Target your approach

Gain industry-specific capabilities that allow you to target your approach to meet the unique needs of customers. Learn more about our specific capabilities across industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities, Consumer products, Retail and High tech. Receive mobile support for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Windows tablets. Optimized mobile execution with offline and online synchronization and the ability to analyze productivity, trends, and pricing.

Accounts & Sales Management

Get complete customer intelligence

Make fast account updates, get complete customer intelligence, and quickly scan a business card from your mobile device to create a lead or opportunity.
Turn sales strategy into action with guided selling, and execute better with solutions for territory management, pipeline management, forecasting, quota planning, reporting, and analytics. Enhance onboarding, sales enablement, learning, coaching, and leadership development through integration with SAP Jam Collaboration.

Lead & Activity Management

Keeping tabs on competitors

Engage customers strategically by managing activities, advancing opportunities, and tracking performance – offline and online. Accelerate wins by tracking activities; collaborating with internal teams, customers, and partners; submitting quotes and sales orders; keeping tabs on competitors, and obtaining guided selling materials specific to each deal.

Real-Time & Predictive Analytics

Maximize your winning chance

Track performance in real-time, and drive the right opportunities to close while steering clear of unwanted surprises. Forecast with ease, and perform what-if analysis. With prepackaged dashboards, embedded reports, and advanced analysis tools, you’ll avoid end-of-quarter surprises.
Discover new leads and uncover new opportunities in existing accounts with real-time predictive scoring. Quickly identify top account influencers and bring them into the sales process. Combine the right mix of products, people, and partners to maximize the chance of winning the deal.

Personalization & collaboration

Make every conversation count

Enjoy innovative features, such as tagging, flagging, in-line editing, and scheduling – designed to offer today’s salesperson ease of use. Personalize custom fields, reports, and tiles to get quick access to information.
Integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, Lotus Notes, and Evernote, avoiding double data entry and enabling key customer information and notes to stay automatically in sync.

Back-Office Integrations

Get a 360-degree view of your business

Get back-office information pushed to you in real-time. With native integration with the SAP ERP and SAP Customer Relationship Management applications and business application mash-ups, you can be always up to speed on your accounts.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

    A technology system that enables you to automate and integrate your customer-facing activities, such as sales, marketing, customer service, and e-commerce.

    CRM systems also offer tools for customer analytics, personalization, social media, team members collaboration and more. To put it simply, CRM aiding companies thoroughly to manage the procedures involved in generating and retaining customers.

  • What is the objectives of Sales Cloud?

    1) Empower sellers to deeply understand buyers and build relationships with a 360-degree view of every front- and back-office touchpoint.
    2) Engage prospects with collaborative, personalized sales interactions that make every conversation count.
    3) Deliver on your brand promise with frictionless,buyer-driven engagements that provide lasting value.

  • What are the core benefits of a SAP Sales Cloud?

    There are many benefits, but some of the core benefits are:

    1) Stronger customer connections: Empower sellers to be trusted advisors and create lasting relationships with a full view of every customer interaction, social insights, and selling guidance.
    2) Greater productivity: Engage customers strategically and make every interaction count by managing activities, advancing opportunities, and tracking performance offline and online.
    3) Increased win rates: Boost sales effectiveness with AI recommendations tailored to each opportunity and intelligent automation of labour-intensive tasks, such as automatically capturing all interactions you have with clients.

    Read this blog to find out more.

  • What is SAP Customer Experience?

    SAP CX is SAP’s latest, cloud-based CRM solution. It’s not just sales-only CRM products but, a solution to support all front-office functions, including consumer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales, and customer service.

    Read this blog for more details.

  • How SAP Sales Cloud helps you meet your customer experience goals?

    SAP Sales Cloud enhances the customer experience and accelerates the buying process while empowering your sales force to engage customers like never before.

    You can engage with customers with a fully-featured, responsive mobile experience that drives
    efficiency and insight. Explore data and prepare
    for sales engagements with deep and at-a-glance
    insights. When needed, transition from online to
    offline and stay productive.

  • Do you offer SAP Sales Cloud on-premise hosting?

    No. SAP Sales Cloud is only available on cloud hosting. With SAP’s cloud-based CRM software, the deployment is faster, software updates are automatic, cost-effective and scalable. Moreover, you can work from anywhere, on any device while increasing collaboration.

  • Do I have to use all five cloud solutions in SAP CX?

    No. They can be deployed standalone or in any combination.

  • What makes SAP Sales Cloud unique from other sales system providers?

    SAP provides an end-to-end business software strategy by combining S/4HANA with Sales Cloud as product suites that are covering from the customer-centric front office to the backend. Integrates the entire value chain to make the best customer experience. Through this, you can treat each customer as an individual rather than as a mere sales opportunity.

    Read this blog to compare capabilities and features within Salesforce and Sales Cloud.

  • Do you offer SAP Sales Cloud training?

    Of course! Axxis Consulting offers user training sessions upon your request. The number of man-days for this service will be based on your requirements.

  • Is it possible to transfer data from our current system to SAP Sales Cloud and if that is so, how long does it take?

    Axxis Consulting offers the transfer of data from legacy systems to SAP Sales Cloud. The number of man-days required for this service will be based on the number of business objects to be migrated as well as the complexity and format of current data.

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