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SAP Service Cloud helps companies of all sizes stay ahead of rising customer service expectations. We have ready-to-deploy pre-packaged solutions for SMEs, and deliver exceptional value for MNCs implementing SAP Service Cloud globally. Get in touch!

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What are the benefits of SAP Service Cloud?

Deployed in the cloud and designed as a mobile-first solution, it drives business growth by delivering service excellence. SAP Service Cloud helps increase customer loyalty with reliable, personalised omnichannel service, reducing churn by 12%. Companies using SAP Sales & Service Cloud were able to achieve a 10% uplift in revenue and achieve an ROI of 372% in 3 years.

Deliver Exceptional Service Experiences

SAP Service Cloud is a comprehensive customer service solution that supports great omnichannel customer experiences, contact centre, and field service efficiency.


Field Service

Ticketing & Case Management

Reporting & Analytics

Mobile-first Design

Advanced Integration Options


Omnichannel Service

Engage with Customers on Their Terms

Make it easier for customers to connect with you regardless of their preferred channel. SAP Service Cloud accelerates service with automatic customer identification, screen pop-ups, and intelligent routing to the right teams and even the best-qualified agent.
Instead of using multiple fragmented screens or channels to manage customer inquiries, agents now have a single personalized and “smart” desktop for managing all customer service inquiries, helping ensure a consistent service experience. It puts all tools, customer data (including profiles and order and service histories), and context at the agent’s fingertips, makes it easier to provide personalized service and quick resolutions and helps them win over the customer because customers feel known and understood from the first interaction.
At the same time, agents are happier, more engaged, and able to increase revenue by acting on smart cross-sell and up-sell recommendations as they engage with customers.

Field Service

Get the Job Done

Customers today don’t tolerate long waiting times – and they expect their issues to be solved on the first contact. To meet these expectations, you need to give your service teams customer context and insights, combined with fast access to tools and information they need to quickly solve customer requests. SAP Service Cloud helps you quickly find the right people with the right skills to get the job done with resource scheduling and routing capabilities. Field technicians can keep fully up to date with the information they need to fix the problem on their first visit by accessing all the information they need on their mobile devices – and keep your customers happy.

Ticketing & Case Management

AI-enabled service intelligence

The solution supports simple service tickets for multilevel or hierarchical tickets that require multiple resources to resolve. Tickets can be created from different channels such as e-mail, portal, and social.
Built-in ticket capabilities help service agents throughout the service process and enable efficient ticket handling, including different ticket types, categorization, status approvals, escalations, deep workflow and notification capabilities, and flexible service-level-agreement definitions.
Leveraging intelligent technologies from SAP, SAP Service Cloud automatically categorizes and routes tickets to the best agents to resolve them and presents the agent with instant access to similar resolved tickets they can reference for guidance if needed. it helps contact center agents quickly search to find the best answers and close more tickets faster.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights

SAP Service Cloud delivers powerful embedded analytics and predictive dashboards to help you monitor, understand, and improve service operations in real-time and overtime. Track trends and KPIs, quickly generate operational reports to business subscribers and bring external data sources into prebuilt reports and dashboards or ones you create yourself.

Mobile-First Design

On-the-Go Collaboration with the service team

Now more than ever, service teams need the flexibility to work remotely and in the field – not just in contact centres – and flexibly move between them as business risks and needs change. SAP Service Cloud was built with a mobile-first design that includes an embedded mobile application so service agents can work on any device – anytime and anywhere. It’s easy to access real-time business information, even offline; manage service tickets on any iOS, Android, or Windows tablet; and collaborate with service teams on the go.

Advanced Integration Options

Integrate Service Operations and Data Across the Enterprise

Built on the same platform, SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud blur the lines between customer data, sales automation, and customer service. As a result, sales and service teams can better understand customers, collaborate, and provide outstanding experiences across all touchpoints, nurturing lasting customer relationships. Also , it helps your teams work together and share roles, with sales professionals becoming trusted advisors and service professionals making the most of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. In this way, you can deliver added value to customers while increasing your revenue. Moreover, you improve sales and service efficiency and productivity.
Moreover, you can integrate it with your back-end ERP system so your service teams can solve more customer inquiries at first contact. Increase the productivity of customer service, decrease service cost, and foster up- and cross-selling. Break down system silos and simplify transactions between departments while enabling a full view of the customer.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the objectives of Service Cloud?

    1) Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
    2) Increase revenue and generate new leads
    3) Improve service efficiency and cut customer
    service costs
    4) Scale your field service business and meet
    real-time service expectations

  • What are the core benefits of SAP Service Cloud?

    1) Give customers what they want: natively intelligent user experiences, efficient training, and the power of on-demand networks to scale your
    business and meet 100% of customer demand.
    2) Make your people true experts: chatbots deal with the routine, allowing humans to become trusted advisors with real job satisfaction.
    3) Improve operating costs: reduces staff turnover and makes 24×7 service affordable

    Read this blog to find out more.

  • How SAP Service Cloud helps you boost service performance and meet customer expectations?

    A service experience that lasts the lifetime of the customer relationship is not an option. It’s a crucial element in strengthening that relationship. From retail inquiries to machinery repair contracts. SAP Service Cloud is a customer service solution that reduces call centre operations, increases the efficiency of field service reps and improves customer and employee satisfaction by giving you the chance to communicate directly with customers: an increasingly rare opportunity.

  • Do you offer SAP Sales Cloud on-premise hosting?

    No. SAP Service Cloud is only available on cloud hosting. With SAP’s cloud-based CRM software, the deployment is faster, software updates are automatic, cost-effective and scalable. Moreover, you can work from anywhere, on any device while increasing collaboration.

  • What do your customers get out of it?

    They get their time back. Because issues get resolved quickly, they can get on with other things. Consistency makes it quick to navigate and find answers, and when they need to speak to a person, they don’t have to wait.

  • Do you offer SAP Service Cloud training?

    Of course! Axxis Consulting offers user training sessions upon your request. The number of man-days for this service will be based on your requirements.

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