SAP C/4HANA is the leading CRM solution suite for companies of all sizes. We have ready-to-deploy pre-packaged solutions for SMEs, and deliver exceptional value for MNCs implementing C/4HANA globally. Get in touch!

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Why is SAP C/4HANA the best CRM?

It’s an overall customer experience solution that brings together consumer data, machine learning, and micro-services to improve real-time customer engagements across sales, services, marketing, commerce and more, SAP C/4HANA is an in-memory suite built for emerging markets. Providing expertise in set up and implementation, Axxis Consulting can meet your needs in deploying SAP C/4HANA.

More than just a sales solution

SAP C/4HANA is a flexible, reliable and secure one cloud platform to optimize the entire customer journey

Marketing Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Customer Data Cloud

Modular CRM System


Marketing Cloud

Optimize your marketing strategy

Deliver personalised brand experiences with intelligent marketing and a single view of first-party customer data, personalised experiences.
Create a single, unified customer view – Reach out to every customer in the perfect moment. Get real-time insights to quickly develop custom omnichannel experiences. Treat customers as individuals.
Create trust through great customer experiences – Learn how technology enables you to create the kind of intelligent customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.
Individualized experiences with predictive and machine learning – Use embedded machine learning algorithms to accurately define your target audiences and determine the best products, offers, and campaigns for those customers. Then let the system design the best campaigns that generate the highest marketing returns.
Modern marketing planning with increased transparency and data-driven decisions – Be clear on your goals and how you will achieve them. Increase the transparency of marketing plans, processes, and assets. Make data-driven decisions with real-time insights into budgets, expenses, and product availability.

Commerce Cloud

Create personalized commerce experiences

Deliver great commerce experiences with a feature-rich, flexible, and integrated platform that can be used to sell to consumers and organisations.
Give a consistent commerce experience across all channels – Drive conversion with personalisation and support omnichannel order management and fulfilment.
Drive omnichannel success – Today people want shopping to be easy and enjoyable whatever the product. SAP Commerce Cloud meets those expectations and delivers great experiences by engaging with your customers anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
Drive revenue with a community built for commerce – Attract visitors, convert prospects, and engage customers with relevant and readily available content that is designed to influence and accelerate purchase decisions
360-degree view of customers – Give your customer support agents a snapshot of who the customer is, their brand, product and service affinities, and tooling to help the agent make relevant recommendations.
Industry specific – Accelerate your time-to-value with built-in industry-specific capabilities beyond retail, including: financial services, travel, telco & media, and public sector.

Sales Cloud

Exceed your revenue goals

Empower your sales team to engage with customers throughout the buying journey in a more meaningful way. Provide the insights they need to improve productivity and sales performance and make informed business decisions in the moment.
One unified sales experience – Gain better insights and boost productivity with a holistic customer view, and pre-packaged integration of front-office and back-office solutions.
Intelligent sales with actionable insights – Provide the right course of actions needed to nurture leads to close and increase sales velocity, while maximising profitability with AI-driven prescriptive insights.
Sales performance management – Create a high-performance sales team aligned with your company’s sales strategy by incentivizing behaviour that maximises revenue without overspending on commission expense.
Configure, price, and quote processes – Go beyond automated quote and proposal processes with pricing behaviour intelligence. Uncover trends by knowing which products are selling the most to whom and at what price.
Subscription billing – Grow a thriving subscription business focused on outcomes that impact and deliver a continuously rich and positive customer experience.

Service Cloud

Make your customers happy

Provide personalised, high-value customer service before, during, and after a purchase. With SAP solutions that connect agents with the right expertise and tools at the right time, you can deliver the great service your customers expect through self-service sites, call centres, or field service.
Omnichannel customer service – Provide personalised customer care by empowering customer service agents with complete, up-to-date information; in-depth interactions; accurate ticketing; and case management.
Efficient field service and repair management – Improve your first-time fix rate by scheduling properly skilled service technicians and providing necessary parts and account details online, offline, and with any device.
Improved performance – Boost customer service performance with machine learning. Automate routine tasks, improve resolution times and enable predictive maintenance.
Help customers get the results they want – Go beyond traditional service and support interactions with customer-driven experiences. Deliver end-to-end service excellence with a simplified technology landscape.

Customer Data Cloud

Grow your customers

SAP C/4 HANA helps businesses drive maximum value with customer data while significantly lowering total cost of ownership and speeding time-to-market.
Customer Identity – Provide seamless and secure access for customers through best-practice registration and social login screens and flows easily customizable to your business case. Gather valuable, permission-based data to drive more personalized experiences while protecting customers’ personal data.
Customer Consent – Address regional data protection regulations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, while enhancing customer trust through more transparent online interactions and full lifecycle consent management. Enable customers to maintain control over their own data through an intuitive, self-service preference centre.
Customer Profile – Break down data silos and transform a variety of attributes into a single unified profile that can be orchestrated across every application and service. Centrally govern customer accounts and data to enable a more stable and integrated digital ecosystem, and analyse data to drive more effective in-moment marketing.

Modular CRM System

Adopt best of breed functionality

Modular applications for easier adoption of best-of-breed functionality with the ROI and scalability of a suite.
With SAP CRM, you are able to uncover insights that will give your sales teams the edge they need to sell smarter and improve their performance. SAP CRM makes it easy for businesses to simplify their sales processes with better customer engagement, accurate forecasting, and real-time pipeline management.
For your business to grow, you need to market your products and services. SAP CRM helps you target the right people based on their needs and wants. The good news is that you get all your data in real time, giving you everything you need to provide your customers and potential clients with contextual, personalized and relevant omni-channel experiences.
Whenever your customers come to shop at your digital stores, SAP CRM gives you the ability to supply them with a unique digital shopping experience through the channels they prefer – mobile, social, and e-commerce. Armed with high value and very actionable insights, you are able to customize their experiences based on actual data. SAP CRM also helps you manage your whole inventory in real time while still keeping costs on other areas of your operations minimal.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

    A technology system that enables you to automate and integrate your customer-facing activities, such as sales, marketing, customer service, and e-commerce.

    CRM systems also offer tools for customer analytics, personalization, social media, team members collaboration and more. To put it simply, CRM aiding companies thoroughly to manage the procedures involved in generating and retaining customers.

  • What is the objective of CRM?

    To uphold business relationships with individual people, which includes customers, colleagues, or suppliers, throughout your lifecycle with them. This helps in finding new customers, winning their business, and providing first-hand support on top of additional services throughout the relationship.

  • What are the core benefits of a CRM system?

    There are many benefits, but some of the core benefits are:

    1) More effective and targeted marketing
    2) Improved collaboration
    3) Incredible customer insights
    4) Focus on driving an improved customer experience
    5) Improved business efficiency
    6) Sales and revenue growth

    Read this blog to find out more.

  • What is SAP C/4HANA?

    The C in C/4HANA represents the customer, 4 stands for “4th generation CRM,” and HANA refers to the SAP HANA in-memory database that C/4HANA runs on.

    C/4HANA is SAP’s latest, cloud-based CRM solution. It’s not just sales-only CRM products but, a solution to support all front-office functions, including consumer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales, and customer service.

    Read this blog for more details.

  • How SAP C/4HANA helps you meet your customer experience goals?

    SAP C/4HANA helps you focus on the right activities at the right time. This will build stronger relationships with customers while you earn and keep their trust. For example, you’ll know when to optimize target groups and campaigns, when to recommend next-best actions such as up-selling or cross-selling products or services, and when to help your sales team focus on the most promising leads and opportunities.

    Furthermore, the solution aids you to deliver the personalized experiences that customers want with the privacy they demand. Thus, you can develop trust with customers when their business is protected.

  • Do you offer SAP C/4HANA on-premise hosting?

    No. SAP C/4HANA is only available on cloud hosting. With SAP’s cloud-based CRM software, the deployment is faster, software updates are automatic, cost-effective and scalable. Moreover, you can work from anywhere, on any device while increasing the collaboration.

  • Do I have to use all five cloud solutions in SAP C/4HANA?

    No. They can be deployed standalone or in any combination.

  • What makes SAP unique from other CRM system providers?

    SAP provides end-to-end business software strategy by combining S/4HANA with C/4HANA as product suites that are covering from the customer-centric front office to the backend. Integrates the entire value chain to make the best customer experience. Through this, you can treat each customer as an individual rather than as a mere sales opportunity.

  • Do you offer SAP C/4HANA Training?

    Of course! Axxis Consulting offers user training sessions upon your request. The number of man-days for this service will be based on your requirements.

  • Is it possible to transfer data from our current system to SAP C/4HANA and if that is so, how long does it take?

    Axxis Consulting offers the transfer of data from legacy systems to SAP C/4HANA. The number of man-days required for this service will be based on the number of business objects to be migrated as well as the complexity and format of current data.

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