Act faster, become more relevant, have a strong presence and sell more. The SAP Sales Cloud is able to offer you all those things within just one single solution.

In this article, we will give you a full overview of the SAP Sales Cloud including what has changed, the new & improved features, and finally the package costs.

Introduction of SAP Sales Cloud

The SAP Sales Cloud offers a comprehensive and seamless user experience to help you fully engage with your customers in real-time. With the SAP Sales Cloud, you can quickly turn valuable insights into effective action. Moreover, the solution can help you nurture your customer relationships to give you the best chance of converting your leads.

Most importantly, the SAP Sales cloud can also be fully integrated with your back-office inventory systems or pricing to ensure a smooth transition between your key business systems. Another great feature is that it allows you to manage and track performance even when you are offline.

From the easy to use dashboard, the sales overview gives you a year-to-date view of your overall sales performance. So, the SAP Sales Cloud gives you access to real-time customer and business insights including predictive analytics with the deal finder tool and influencer map.


Features of SAP Sales Cloud

1. Account and relationship management

The SAP Sales Cloud provides each sales representative with a 360 view of the customer and key contacts as well as gives a comprehensive view on engagement history, service history, and transaction history. In addition, the cloud offers a graphical view of the customers where the key influencer and decision-maker are involved in the form of a buying center.

One of the key advantages of the SAP Sales Cloud is that it has standard integration to both front and back-office which provides a complete view of your customer.

  • 360 view of the customer
  • Engagement history
  • Buying center

SAP Sales cloud 360 degree customer view

2. Lead, opportunity management, and insights

At the core of the more traditional business, customer engagements improve the lead and opportunity management capabilities. Therefore, intelligent scoring and routing ensure that the best leads are going to the best sales representatives. Consequently, they able to convert more opportunities to profitable businesses. In addition, best-practiced sales methodologies can be implemented using the flexibility of opportunity and activity management.

Furthermore, the activity advisor in SAP Sales Cloud can guide representatives through the shortest path to securing new businesses. As a result, the sales representatives can see the opportunity scoring which indicates the likelihood of conversion of the opportunity based on historical data.

  • Intelligent lead and opportunity scoring, and routing
  • The flexibility of opportunity and activity management
  • Activity advisor


Lead, opportunity management and insights interface

3. Visit management

The SAP Sales Cloud has extensive visit management capabilities such as visit planning, routing, and visit execution. That helps the sales organizations because they are more field focused and have high visit volumes that must be optimized. Furthermore, these capabilities are coupled with activity and task management as well as the set of surveys and audit capabilities. Certainly, the companies in the consumer product industry commonly use these and other capabilities such as ‘perfect store’ for retail execution scenarios.

  • Visit planning and routing
  • Visit execution
  • Activity and task management
  • Surveys and audits
  • Perfect store execution


4. Quote, contract and sales order management

SAP as a company has historically been very strong in auto management. So, it is no surprise that the SAP Sales Cloud solution has a wide range of Quote, Contract, and Order capabilities. For instance, the ability to provide quotes and orders in offline mode.

Above all, the product pricing and inventory information can be accessed in real-time through SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA standard integration. In addition to these capabilities, it is also possible to leverage the SAP CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) solution.

The solution also has leading capabilities for product configuration, bundling, intelligent product, margin guidance, and compelling proposing generation. Besides that, sales performance can be integrated so that the sales representatives are always aware of their commissions with each deal.

  • Integration with SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA
  • Real-time pricing and inventory information
  • Commissions


5. Mobile online and offline

The SAP Sales Cloud solution includes responsive UI technology that enables a consistent experience from a laptop to a tablet or a smartphone with App support for IOS and Android. The UI is harmonized to look the same across all devices. Furthermore, the mobile application provides offline support so that the sales representative in the field can engage with customers even when there is no network signal available.

  • Omni-channel experience
  • App support for IOS and Android
  • Offline support

mobile tablet laptop

6. Predictive analytics and Machine Learning

Apart from Machine Learning features, the SAP Sales Cloud also comes with a complete analytic suite that provides embedded analytics and real-time predictors to track critical KPI’s. Even more, this feature is available for free within the application.

  • Machine Learning features like lead scoring, opportunity scoring
  • Embedded analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Configurable KPI’s


7. Collaboration and Social in SAP Sales Cloud

As modern sales organizations now rely on collaboration as a tool to quicken deal cycles and to ensure more customer engagement, social collaboration capabilities are also included in the SAP Sales Cloud. Moreover, the in-build features such as feeds, allow sales representatives to get news feeds about the accounts or leads that they are interested in. Hence, SAP JAM allows companies to collaborate on key deals or around strategic accounts.

  • Collaboration to accelerate deal success
  • Feeds
  • SAP JAM integration


8. Email and notes integration by SAP Sales Cloud

In order to ensure that the sales representatives are productive and are able to use familiar tools, the SAP Sales Cloud solution also integrates with groupware such as MS Outlook, Google Gmail and Lotus notes.


9. Productivity capabilities of SAP Sales Cloud

The UI is packed with productivity features such as tagging, flagging, quick creation of leads, opportunities, contracts and more. Subsequently, all of these simplifies the daily work of a sales representative.

  • Flags, Tags of any objects like Leads, Opportunities or accounts
  • Quick create
  • Easy to log day to day tasks


Cost of SAP Sales Cloud

The cost of the solution differs per company because there are multiple pricing factors such as the number of users per month and add-ons that can make a difference.

Apart from the License fee, other costs such as implementation costs have to be taken into account. For example, all of your data has to be sorted and transferred to the SAP Sales Cloud. Besides that, you might also want to integrate your existing or new ERP system with the SAP Sales Cloud. But, both of them are time consuming and technical tasks. That’s why we are here to assist you.

Well, we understand that there are so many CRM cloud solutions with various features and the confusion you may have about it. So, we have designed a rapid-fire CRM quiz that provides detailed analysis and recommendations based on your business requirements.


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