Project management is an integrated process that requires a great deal of preparation and expert knowledge. Numbers of different procedures involved in the entire scope of project management which a single person cannot be handle. However, if a robust software is implemented in order to cover up every necessary aspect of project management, it can become relatively easy.

The prototype brought by the SAP Business ByDesign is one of the best for handling project management procedures. SAP Business ByDesign Project Management handles the entire project lifecycle: from project initiating, planning, assigning resources, execution, controlling to the closing of a project.

Project Lifecycle for project management

The models of SAP Business ByDesign Project Management

The SAP Business ByDesign project management procedure can help to bring together a number of models that are essential for project management. The models include the following factors:

  • Sales Customer projects
  • Marketing projects
  • Research and development project
  • Cost project

Different types of project variance which can help to configure a specific project is included within the system. We can directly initiate the sales procedure. Besides that, the requirements for the project can be enlisted to meet the demands of the mission. Whenever the customer project is being considered, actual time and cost are considered to create the customer invoice. While revenue recognition is done through different methods.

Invoicing Process

The parts of the project management which have been facilitated by the SAP Business ByDesign can be mentioned as follows:

Project Gantt Chart

SAP Business ByDesign includes features such as Gantt chart, checklists, and other activities involved in project management. The Gantt chart is designed in order to maintain the records of appropriate checklists and other milestone activities of the organizations.

SAP Business ByDesign Gantt Chart

WBS and Network Flow Structures of the Project

The WBS hierarchy and different processes of network flow can also be managed with the help of this software. It selects specific members for specific tasks and evaluates the cost related to each sector. The phases of the hierarchy are used in order to design the projects in the WBS Project Structure:


The Network Flow structure includes the critical path in order to design a proper project:


Project Team Members

The team members who are associated with the specific parts of the project, ranging from internal to external can be used to determine the work hours of the project and the validity of different workers within the project boundaries.




External consultants

Different types of project consultants are hired on an external basis in order to regulate certain aspects of project management.


Material and expenses

There are different types of materials being used within the confinements of a specific project. The materials and the expenses related to the entire process of the project can be evaluated within the SAP Business ByDesign Project Management application.



Actual cost

The actual cost which has been necessary for the development of a specific project can be calculated with the help of the SAP Business ByDesign Project Management.



The core procedures to run a specific project include functions like resource staffing, scheduling, management of cost, proper estimation, behaviour years of purchase and time expense for a particular product. All of these can help to determine the costs related to a specific project. Moreover, SAP Business ByDesign creates reports to understand the present position of the projects and the cost which might be incurred while carrying out the management.


The Benefit of SAP Business ByDesign for Project Management

SAP Business ByDesign project management has proved to be helpful in designing a number of projects from a very basic point. The seamless integration of different sectors of project management can be done in order to accomplish a specific project. Financial addresses can be mentioned within the scope of SAP Business ByDesign project management. Therefore, this helps the organization to decide on a specific range of expenditure.

Furthermore, we can decide detailed information such as project team members. The team members who are associated with the project development can be differentiated by labelling them as internal or external according to their functionality. So, they can be linked in their work spheres to work on a specific project together. Different work methods can be simplified by hiring external or internal experts. Besides that, the data collected can be used easily which then leads to greater development of smart ideas. Further details as below:


1. The Entire Lifecycle of the Project

SAP Business ByDesign project management can be used to determine the entire life cycle of the project.  SAP Business ByDesign project management can help to determine the activities of external agents within the project boundaries. For example, the head of the project can design the cost structure for a project and enables the team members to follow a specific method for the accomplishment of a project. Therefore, SAP Business ByDesign Project Management helps to achieve time records. Besides that, the cost management process can also be initiated.

SAP Business ByDesign Project Management flow

2. Resource Assignment

There are different resources available for a specific project. These resources are scattered all over the work field. They must be integrated as a specific point in order to understand their relevance for a project. These resources also must be accumulated in order to implement them within the project infrastructure. It is quite difficult to understand which resources can be used for the accomplishment of a specific project management procedure.

However, with SAP Business ByDesign the procedure can become relatively easy. Smart methods can be used in order to assign resources that are essential for the project.  SAP Business ByDesign manages assets. The resources which are already available can be classified into different sectors and can be applied to the project infrastructure for better results.


3. Execution of project and it’s Controlling

The projects must be designed in such a manner that its application becomes relatively easy within the specific work environment. Execution procedure requires the assignment of different team members to scopes of the project. The regular interaction procedures with the human resource development team can be initiated with the help of SAP Business ByDesign project management. The members who are internal for the project management scopes are specified for a different expenditure plan.

The record receipts which are developed during the execution of the project are maintained with the help of SAP Business ByDesign project management processes. Every step which might be cost-effective can be compiled within this application and this can prove to be helpful for the organization to save revenue. Multi steps projects can be handled quite effectively through this application and a huge amount of revenue can be saved at the same time.

Project execution

4. Avoids complications

The most unique feature of SAP Business ByDesign project management is its simplicity. The software can be used by any organization with minimum knowledge in software applications. SAP Business ByDesign project management is different from any other software by its unique feature of identifying simple and complex projects in the list.

Every project has its own requirement and SAP Business ByDesign recognized these customized requirements well. Basic cost collection to extensive economic designs can be created within the scope of this software. Notably, diverse areas which are associated with the development of a specific range of product and service related to the project management can also be handled quite skillfully.

Apart from that, complex requirements of projects and the relatively simpler aspects can be handled simultaneously. The projects which are responsible for the development of multiscale ideas are handled quite easily with the SAP Business ByDesign Project Management.

The smart development of realistic budget plans helps to determine the cost structure. The estimated revenues can also collaborate with the project planning process. Moreover, the revenues and the expenses can be balanced against each other to deliver a proper project.


5. Graphical views

SAP Business ByDesign provides graphical representations of different projects. Varies features and flexible options are available to present and view the progress of a project.

Network designs can be utilized in order to determine the workflow of a project. If the user wishes to implement a specific style of project management, it can be included within the application. The probable results of such improvisation can be displayed on the user’s dashboard. For example, the results based on the performance of a specific project can be set.



6. Employee Collaboration

Every project has a basic requirement of employee activities. If a proper collaborative structure is established between the employees and employers, a project can reach its goal in a shorter span of time. Hence, effective collaboration is fostered between employees and employers.

Relevant views regarding the project management procedures can be shared on the SAP Business ByDesign project management platform. SAP Business ByDesign project management helps in developing a proper relationship between the project ideologies and the employees. Features such as event-triggered procedures can also be used to improve the methods and scopes of a project.

7. Data access

The data access becomes relatively easy as the platform of the SAP Business ByDesign is huge and data can be stored quite easily within their spheres. It is essential to record the development of processes in every project. The stored data from the previous projects can be utilised as a reference for the present project. Subsequently, that can speed-up the project delivery.

Furthermore, the transparency of the data associated with a project is assured. The costs which are incurred during the development of a specific project need to be accurate and the transparent. So, we can maintain an equilibrium in project planning and project execution.


8. Pre-execution and Post-execution

SAP Business ByDesign helps to design a specific plan. The pre-execution patterns along with the post-execution pattern of the project planning are included within the spheres of this software. SAP Business ByDesign Project Management is one of the best as it can help us to understand the requirement of the projects in better terms.


9. Reduce cost

Every project has a specific package plan or requirements which incurs a definite cost. SAP Business ByDesign Project Management can suggest proper risk management techniques. Thus, the techniques eradicate major losses.

Additionally, accurate planning can help to reduce costs to a great extent. The budgets fixed using SAP Business ByDesign Project Management are relatively accurate and realistic in nature. The regular costs monitoring can also be done to investigate the means which are causing alternating values. Moreover, the software can determine the tentative date/time of the project completion. Besides that, the smart methods of the SAP ByDesign Project Management define the anticipated materials. Consequently, this can reduce the expenses of a specific project.

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Bottom Line

The cost-effective and smart project management of SAP Business ByDesign can be greatly useful to develop viable project plans with its valuation strategies. Most importantly, the software can be further enhanced or customized to grow together with your business.

Enable your project team to progress in a productive manner, achieving a series of objectives in pursuit of the final objective.

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