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Stream Peak International is a leader in speciality protective packaging solutions. Serving industries from aerospace to food, they safeguard products by preventing damage during transit and storage. As the business grew, adding new locations and products, manual supply chain management led to a lack of transparency and limited reporting. A robust digital platform was needed to accelerate performance in a fast-changing industry.

"SAP Business One enables the implementation of standard operating procedures which encourages our staff to follow and be competent to get the job done in the fastest time possible. The transparency of automated workflow minimises miscommunication that prevents reputational damage, and costly errors.” Jaden, Operations Manager, Stream Peak International


  • To maintain growth in a competitive industry, Stream Peak embarked on a digital transformation to integrate its core operations with enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
  • Multiple branches and business units using different systems led to duplicate entry, manual updates and limited management reporting across the whole operation
  • Lack of simple remote access made it difficult to operate at full productivity when out of the office


SAP Business One enables collaboration across the business by integrating production, distribution, and sales processes in a platform that was fast to implement, user friendly and within budget. Stream Peak selected SAP Platinum Partner, Axxis Consulting due to their proven track record, technical knowledge and experience using SAP Business One to streamline 100+ businesses. “Axxis team possess a great deal of technical knowledge and experience. They always maintain an air of professionalism as they directly interacting with us to implement the  system to suit our needs.” says Jaden, the operations manager of Stream Peak.


Stream Peak moves to the cloud platform to stay agile and flexible in the fast-changing packaging industry. To digitize its business landscape, Stream Peak International partnered with Axxis Consulting to implement the SAP Business One, established:

  • Automated workflows and approvals across the business align employee goals and processes for greater efficiency, improved prioritisation and clearer insights
  • Centralised information between branches and departments improves collaboration and efficiency
  • End-to-end visibility of the production process from sales order to finished goods has improved planning and management of lead times and stock levels
  • Being cloud-based, core business tools are securely backed up and can be accessed from anywhere which boosts productivity and makes it easy for the business to expand geographically over time

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