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Namazie International Pte Ltd is a key player in the natural rubber industry, with a significant global footprint encompassing trading and production operations across various regions worldwide, including Asia and Europe. The company’s extensive operations cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from established tire manufacturers like Goodyear, Michelin, and Continental to smaller rubber users, showcasing their versatility and widespread influence. Namazie’s adoption of SAP Business One reflects their commitment to improving operational efficiency and addressing the complexities of their business. This strategic move boosts efficiency, provides deeper insights into supply chains and contracts, and equips them to navigate the dynamic rubber industry swiftly.

"SAP Business One has enabled us to optimize contract management, enhance automation, and efficiently track warehouse assets. Our partnership with Axxis during the implementation has been both professional and invaluable. As we continue to adapt, we see SAP Business One as a valuable asset for our global natural rubber business."– Alan Yeo, General Manager, Namazie International Pte Ltd.


Before implementing SAP Business One, Namazie faced significant operational challenges. Their existing legacy system lacked the capability to handle the growing complexity of their operations. While it could record purchases and sales, crucial operations and reports had to be managed outside the system. The limited automation capabilities hindered their ability to efficiently track open contracts, inventory, and manage assets and batches. The absence of systematic, step-by-step processes for recording and managing data made reporting and analysis cumbersome. Additionally, they were heavily reliant on a few individuals for software support, posing a risk to their operations.


Namazie decided to transition to SAP Business One, and their choice was influenced by several key factors. Despite a relatively short duration of use, they found SAP Business One to be user-friendly and easily customizable, providing a significant improvement over their previous software. They sought internationally recognized software like SAP Business One to ensure reliable support and scalability as their business continued to grow in complexity. Axxis Consulting, their implementation partner, played a crucial role in this transformation. The Axxis team maintained professionalism and provided valuable support throughout the implementation process, even developing custom reports to address Namazie’s unique needs.


The implementation of SAP Business One, in collaboration with Axxis Consulting, has brought about a positive transformation for Namazie, unlocking efficiency and visibility within their operations. The advanced reporting capabilities of SAP Business One, including tracking open positions, aging open orders, open sales, and reasons for open sales not closing, have streamlined their reporting processes, making them more tailored to the specific requirements of their business.

SAP Business One has made it easier for Namazie to raise and track contracts for their trading department. They can now effortlessly run reports to monitor open contracts and follow up with counterparties, leading to better contract management.

Furthermore, the system enables real-time identification of assets in respective warehouses, allowing for a more structured, step-by-step approach to processing and managing goods and invoices, which aligns with accounting standards. This has significantly improved the efficiency of their asset and batch management.

In summary, Namazie has successfully overcome their operational challenges by adopting SAP Business One, supported by Axxis Consulting, resulting in increased efficiency and enhanced visibility in their operations.

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