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Greentech International Private Limited was founded in Singapore with the vision to revolutionise the regional electrical distribution industry. It is a one-stop solution provider for environmentally-friendly electrical and instrumentation for the Oil and Gas Industry. Despite being a young company, Greentech International is the distributor for many major international brands. Today, it has four regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

"Axxis was able to provide a complete solution that suits our requirement. Through the implementation of SAP Business One we have met our project objective, which is to give management a bird’s eye view of the company and its performance. Working with Axxis, we have developed our own sales reports and now management can easily see the sales performance for each agent. – Bernard Sim, Director"

The Challenge

As the business expanded, Greentech International realised that their existing system could no longer support its growth. They faced five key challenges with their existing legacy system:

  1. the lack of a centralised depository for enterprise-wide information and the ability to view information of other entities on a single platform;
  2. the lack of an integrated business system and automated business processes to handle high incoming sales orders;
  3. the lack of a proper warehouse management system to help organise and track inventory;
  4. the lack of a mobile and flexible sales management system for sales representatives to access information on-the-go;
  5. and the lack of a proper timesheet processing system.

In order to bring continuous strong growth, Greentech needed to upgrade its legacy system to a more resilient one that was cloud-based, flexible and cost-effective.

The Solution

Based on requirements set by Greentech International, Axxis Consulting recommended the SAP Business One solution. It provides Greentech with a centralised database of company-wide information and allows management to gain full visibility into the organisation and its subsidiaries.

The new system also includes newer add-ons, such as Stock Query and Timesheet which improves the performance of the sales and purchasing teams, as well as the finance team.

In addition, with SAP Mobility, sales representatives are given the flexibility to access inventory and sales information remotely at any time of the day.

The Results

After the new system went live, the management was able to gain better visibility into the overall performance of the organisation and its subsidiaries. Custom sales reports within the Sales Opportunities module also made it easier for management to review the sales performance of its agents.

In addition, with a timesheet management system, the Finance team was able to process the timesheets faster and reduce the probability of missed or delayed billing.

Sales representatives were also able to access inventory and sales information anytime and anywhere, hence enhancing their ability to provide better service to customers.

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