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SAP Business One

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In April 2010, industry veteran Mr.Bernard Sim founded Greentech International Private Limited in Singapore with the vision to revolutionize the regional electrical distribution industry. Greentech International is a one-stop solution provider for environmentally-friendly electrical and instrumentation for the Oil and Gas Industry. Its mission is to be the leading provider of energy generation solutions that are environmentally sustainable, commercially viable and socially responsible.

“Axxis was able to provide a complete solution that suits our requirement. Through the implementation of SAP Business One we have met our project objective, which is to give management a bird’s eye view of the company and its performance. Working with Axxis, we have developed our own sales reports and now management can easily see the sales performance for each agent.”

The Challenge

After rapid growth into three new regional markets, existing IT systems were falling behind. The lack of enterprise-wide database and disparate systems made a unified business view impossible. The high sales volumes from multiple markets required integrated and automated business processes. Moreover, the lack of a proper sales, inventory, timesheet, and warehouse management system was hindering growth Sales representatives could not access information on-the-go.

The Solution

SAP Business One was identified as the ideal solution as it offers a single, affordable solution for managing the entire business, including financials, sales, customer relationships and operations. Greentech International selected SAP Platinum Partner, and United VARs member, Axxis Consulting due to their proven track record using SAP Business One to streamline and transform 100+ businesses.

The Results

With SAP Business One, the real-time dashboards and reports provide visibility across the organization and its subsidiaries. The custom sales reports make it easy to view the sales performance of its agents and locations. The timesheet management system enables fast processing, efficient billing, and tracking of site engineers.

Furthermore, with SAP Mobility the inventory and sales data is available anywhere for better service and faster customer responses.  They acquired flexibility to cater for custom functionalities such as their price calculators. Also, equipped for the planned addition of e-commerce and digital supplier collaboration.

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