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ERP Implementation

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SAP Business One

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Chop Cheong Bee Sdn. Bhd (CCB) provides millions of people with affordable and nutritious meat with an extensive value chain across the industry that includes chicken farms and poultry logistics. CCB is marketing the supply of live chickens to the local market and even penetrated the Singaporean market. CCB’s development required years of dedicated effort that gave them the recognition as the ‘Outstanding Broiler Farm’ in Malaysia Livestock Industry Award 2018.

"SAP Business One helped us to produce a sustainable output and eliminate labor dependency especially when the business faces an unprecedented challenge in coping with a limited workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic." - Datuk Jeffrey Ng Choon Ngee, General Manager

The Challenge

CCB obliged to implement a solution that can help them to elevate the production efficiency for consistent supply and operational cost sustainability by considering the following obstacles:

  • The existing accounting software is limited only to manage financial accounts, so CCB was unable to make data-informed decisions as the business insights were limited.
  • Excessive reliance on manpower for data analysis was time-consuming and susceptible to human error.
  • Manual data entries caused data redundancies and incorrect data.
  • As the production plants growing more complex, CCB faced several operational issues such as on field data collection, real-time farms monitoring, and order Management.


The Solution

SAP Business One with integrated modules for all operations for better management of accounting, field activities, farm management, planning, and analytics. The solution streamlines and standardizes the processes operations from end to end with less manual intervention. Thus, this eliminates redundant data entries, errors, and costs. The solution allows CCB to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels.

SAP Business One manages all materials used in the business for the chicken farming process. It covers all the aspects of the broiler farms, from the housing of day-old chicks (DOC) to the sale of chicken. Therefore, CCB can improve cash flow utilization by maximizing the usage of on-hand resources.

Axxis Consulting proposed SAP Business One because it’s easily customizable for poultry farm management. Moreover, Axxis offers low-cost, robust security, and highly scalable infrastructure platform in the Cloud that can guarantee a frictionless business operation.

The Results

SAP Business One empowered the business of CCB to continually identify new ways to improve profit through the ability to continually monitor and compare the performance of every chicken farm/branch. CCB reduced the waste of poultry livestock due to better analysis and monitoring during production phases.

  • CCB’s farmer records the age and weight of the poultry accurately just in half a day which was done for 3 days by 4 farmers before the implementation of the system.

Besides that, CCB reduced the time spent on administrative tasks and excessive communications. CCB’s Staff efficiency increased due to an integrated system, avoiding double work. The benefits include better traceability and the management is making informed decisions by accessing real-time business information.

  • Before the implementation of SAP Business One, CCB utilized 6 staffs just for data entry or clerical job and now 4 of them are transferred to the HR department.

SAP Business one and Axxis Consulting provided CCB with an adaptive ERP solution with the agility to rapidly adapt to changing business challenges and able to be sustainable in the long run through digitized poultry operations.

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