In today’s fast-paced environment and the age of burgeoning technologies, businesses are seeking new ideas to innovate their daily processes. So far enterprise resource planning software have proven to be very effective as they provide businesses with streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and better decision-making capabilities.

If you are a midsize company looking for a fast and easy way to adopt cloud ERP solutions from SAP, you might be interested in GROW with SAP.

GROW with SAP is a program that offers a complete package of solutions, services, community, and learning resources that can help you go live in as little as four weeks.

Unlocking GROW with SAP: A Closer Look at its Impact in Singapore & Malaysia

GROW with SAP is a new offering from SAP that aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adopt cloud ERP with with simplicity, predictability and speed within a cost-effective and scalable platform.. It is powered by SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, which is a cloud-native ERP solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and industry best practices to deliver rapid deployment and agility. GROW with SAP offers a preconfigured package of resources that includes solutions, adoption acceleration services, community, and learning.

Benefits of GROW with SAP

1. Powered by SAP S/4HANA Cloud:
Leveraging SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the public edition, GROW with SAP taps into cloud-native ERP software. This technology integrates artificial intelligence and industry best practices, ensuring rapid deployment and agility in the implementation process.

2. Efficiency:
Customers can save time and resources with the assistance of AI-driven bots and low-code/no-code tools for automating and optimizing business processes. They can also leverage the SAP Business Network to connect with suppliers, customers, and partners in a seamless and secure way.

3. Global Community and Support:
GROW with SAP gives customers access to the SAP Community, which offers a place for software users, developers, consultants, mentors, and students to share ideas, learn, and connect with one another. Customers can also take advantage of the SAP Learning Hub to access online courses, certifications, and learning journeys.

4. Streamlined Implementation:
GROW with SAP provides customers with a guided approach to cloud ERP adoption, from planning to go-live and beyond. Customers can use the SAP Activate methodology, which combines best practices, tools, and accelerators to streamline the implementation process. They can also benefit from the SAP S/4HANA Movement program, which offers tools, services, and incentives to help customers migrate from legacy ERP systems to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

5. Progressive Advancements:
Customers can enjoy continuous innovation with GROW with SAP, as they get access to the latest features and updates of SAP S/4HANA Cloud every quarter. They can also leverage the SAP Business Technology Platform to extend and integrate their cloud ERP solution with other SAP or third-party applications. Moreover, they can explore new opportunities and scenarios with the SAP Innovation Center Network, which showcases cutting-edge technologies and solutions from SAP.

Grow with SAP offering

Editions of GROW with SAP

GROW with SAP offers flexibility for different kinds of customers, some customers might want to opt for all features while others may be mindful of their budget and choose limited options. As of now it has two editions: base and premium.

Base Edition

The base edition is geared toward customers who need the bare minimum. These are companies that might be cost-conscious, have fewer requirements, or come from developing economies.

This option comes with basic finance capabilities, such as accounting and financial close, operations, treasury, etc. It also includes sourcing and procurement, sales, and supply chain functionalities, such as supplier management, order and contract management, order processing, inventory, etc.

The base edition provides a baseline activation service, which is a fixed scope and price service that activates the foundation scope in 30 days or less using a predefined bundle. It also gives customers access to the SAP Community and the SAP Learning Hub for support and learning.

Premium Edition

The premium edition is designed for customers who want more flexibility and customization. These are companies that have more complex or specific needs, or want to leverage the full potential of cloud ERP. This option comes with all the features of the base edition, plus additional services and solutions that enhance efficiency, training, optimized adoption, and innovation. Some of these services and solutions are:

1. Business Process Automation: Utilize AI-driven bots and low-code/no-code tools to streamline and enhance business processes.

2. Digital Supplier Network: Seamlessly and securely connect with suppliers, customers, and partners via the SAP Business Network.

3. Asset Intelligence Network: Effectively manage physical assets and optimize their performance and maintenance through the SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

4. Signavio Process Manager: Model, analyze, enhance, and monitor business processes using the Signavio Process Manager.

5. Business Process Insights: Gauge and benchmark business processes against industry standards and best practices with the Business Process Insights tool.

6. Disaster Recovery: Safeguard data and ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster through our Disaster Recovery service.

7.Test and Data Refresh: Keep test data and systems up to date with the latest production data using the Test and Data Refresh service.

8. SAP Business Technology Platform: Extend and integrate your cloud ERP solution with SAP or third-party applications seamlessly via the SAP Business Technology Platform.

9. SAP Innovation Center Network: Explore new possibilities and scenarios with state-of-the-art technologies and solutions from SAP through the SAP Innovation Center Network.



The premium edition also provides packaged activation services, which are pre-defined and validated packages that offer speed, implementation timelines, and cost predictability.

It also gives customers access to the SAP Activate methodology, which is a proven approach to streamline the implementation process using best practices, tools, and accelerators.

Grow with SAP package activation

Moreover, the premium edition offers the SAP S/4HANA Movement program, which is a set of tools, services, and incentives to help customers migrate from legacy ERP systems to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Impact of GROW with SAP on SMEs in Singapore and Malaysia

Based on a recent survey conducted by SAP and Oxford Economics, it has been observed that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Southeast Asian region, encompassing nations like Singapore and Malaysia, are steadily increasing their focus on growth and enhancing customer experiences. Nonetheless, they encounter significant hurdles in the domains of talent attraction and retention, transitioning to cloud-based solutions, and deriving actionable insights from data.

The investigation brings to light the fact that companies in this region regard customer experience as an essential factor for their survival and growth, with more than a third (35%) emphasizing that service excellence has now become their primary source of value and competitive advantage. Creating positive customer experiences has also emerged as a top strategic priority for businesses in the region, with critical factors including personalized customer interactions (59%), delivering high-quality products and services (55%), ensuring robust data security and privacy (53%), and offering competitive pricing (51%).

Having gotten a foothold on the pandemic’s disruption, businesses across Southeast Asia are at a crucial transformative point to achieve long-term competitive growth,” said Verena Siow, President and Managing Director, SAP South East Asia.

Regardless of industry, businesses must embrace true business transformation into intelligent enterprises while keeping in mind that customers are the lifeline to survival and sustainable growth,” Siow added.

For larger enterprises in Malaysia, the emphasis on service excellence is even higher, with 39% considering it a paramount concern. Furthermore, the focus on enhancing customer experience, service excellence, and product quality stands at 45%, 39%, and 27%, respectively. In the realm of data protection and privacy, as well as competitive pricing, the proportions are notably higher at 66% and 81%, respectively.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia can leverage the capabilities of GROW with SAP to enhance their customer experience, achieve service excellence, and elevate product quality, all with the aid of cloud-based ERP solutions. Additionally, they can bolster their data security and privacy measures and offer competitive pricing through the application of artificial intelligence and automation. Furthermore, they can tap into the latest innovations and industry best practices offered by SAP and its partners to stay ahead of market trends and meet evolving customer demands.

GROW with SAP also supports the national agendas of Singapore and Malaysia to promote digital transformation and innovation among SMEs. For instance, in Singapore, the SMEs Go Digital programme aims to help SMEs use digital technologies and build stronger digital capabilities to seize growth opportunities in the digital economy.

In Malaysia, the National Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL) outlines the strategic measures to transform Malaysia into a digitally-driven, high income nation and a regional leader in the digital economy by 2030.

By adopting GROW with SAP, SMEs in Singapore and Malaysia can align their business strategies with the national visions and leverage the government support and incentives to accelerate their digital journey.

Target Audience of GROW with SAP

The target audience of GROW with SAP is small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that want to grow their business with a cloud-native ERP solution that is scalable, flexible, and future-proof.

Segment: Midmarket

  • Employee size: 500-5,000
  • Revenue: 200m-1.5B

Industry focus

  • Banking (wealth and asset management, Fin techs, and payment providers)
  • Professional Services (Consulting, audit, Tax; IT services/BPO; Business services)
  • High Tech (software providers, non-semiconductors components)
  • Media (media agencies; entertaining and broadcast)
  • Mill products (Mill discrete)
  • Industrial Manufacturing (component manufacturer, automation and control)

This cloud-native ERP solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) and industry best practices to deliver rapid deployment and agility. GROW with SAP also offers a preconfigured package of resources that includes solutions, adoption acceleration services, community, and learning.

GROW with SAP is primarily aimed at organizations that are new to the world of ERP or cloud technologies. Its straightforward and easy onboarding process makes it easier for companies to onboard and adapt well to new tools.

Grow with SAP benefit

GROW with SAP vs. RISE with SAP

GROW with SAP is tailored to meet the needs of organizations that are new to the realm of ERP integration and wish to embark on their digital transformation journey from scratch. This solution is particularly well-suited for businesses that have yet to adopt ERP systems and are looking to embrace the innovation and efficiency that SAP offers.

On the other hand, RISE with SAP is a game-changer for companies with existing ERP systems. It facilitates a smooth transition from traditional ERP solutions to advanced cloud-based infrastructure. This transition not only helps companies adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape but also empowers them with the scalability and agility needed to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Both GROW with SAP and RISE with SAP serve distinct purposes, catering to a wide range of businesses. GROW with SAP is the ideal starting point for those taking their first steps into the world of ERP, while RISE with SAP provides a transformative path for businesses that wish to modernize their existing ERP systems and unlock the full potential of SAP’s cloud-based solutions.

Whether you are starting from square one or looking to optimize your current ERP, Axxis Consulting has a solution to fit your unique needs and propel your organization toward a more innovative and efficient future.

Grow with SAP vs Rise with SAP

Best Rise Partner Award

The Best RISE Partner Award is a prestigious recognition given by SAP to its partners who demonstrate excellence and expertise in delivering SAP Rise solutions to their customers. SAP Rise is an innovative solution that enables businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey by providing pre-configured industry-specific solutions.

The award is based on various criteria, such as customer satisfaction, sales performance, and innovation. Axxis Consulting, a leading provider of SAP consulting services, was named the Best RISE Partner Singapore at the SAP South East Asia Partner Success Summit 2023, which was held on April 28-29, 2023. This award is a testament to Axxis Consulting’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and services to its customers.

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