SAP Business One is a business management software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for small and medium-sized enterprises that act as a key backbone in business operations.

Well, the latest news is the mainstream maintenance for SAP Business One 9.3, both for MS SQL and SAP HANA, ends on June 30, 2020.  The enhancements and corrections will no longer be implemented in release 9.3, but solely in release 10.0. However, SAP will continue to provide third-level support.

What is End of Mainstream Maintenance by SAP?

SAP provides mainstream maintenance with global availability when a product or product version exits SAP Early Adopter Care (EAC) Program. End of mainstream maintenance refers to the point in time as of when SAP no longer provides new corrections for a given product or component version, i.e. technology updates, legal changes, or patches. After this point in time, new corrections will only be provided in releases that are under mainstream maintenance then.

Yet, SAP will continue to support customers or partners on maintenance who choose to stay on a product or component version which has reached its end of mainstream maintenance, for example with problem resolution for known bugs (i.e. only already existing solutions).

In short, SAP provides mainstream maintenance from the moment a core product version exits the early adopter care (EAC) program phase. Transitional maintenance starts after the end of mainstream maintenance, allowing customers to run their product versions until the upgrade.

Transitional maintenance

SAP Business One Upgrade Strategy

The overview of the different upgrade options for each SAP Business One release helps you plan your implementation or upgrade projects. At the end of the mainstream maintenance period for SAP Business One 9.3, the following scenarios are possible:

  • Upgrade to SAP Business One version 10.
  • Remain on SAP Business One 9.3 (no further patches, corrections, or new functionality will be provided).


Highlights of SAP Business One 10.0 – The latest release

Continuing the commitment to improving and enhancing their software products, SAP has released SAP Business One Version 10.0. This latest release is available now and ready to be deployed. In total, more than 30 new features have been added to the core functionality of SAP Business One across administration, sales, purchasing, service, production, inventory, distribution, financial management, and business intelligence.

Increase your productivity with the new SAP Business One 10.0 enhancements such as new ‘Web Client’ with a modern and fresh look & feel, sophisticated analytic charting capabilities, and improved usability in Production. In addition, you can take advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 Integration with easier document layout management. Find out more detail of what’s new in SAP Business One 10.0 here.


WATCH: Make your business Run Easier with SAP Business One 10.0


Upgrade options in the SAP Business One 10.0

The overview of upgrade options for the SAP Business One 10.0 can help you to plan your implementation. SAP provides well-defined upgrade paths for SAP Business One.

The options involved migrating SAP Business One from SQL Server to SAP HANA database which can speed up your reporting and analytics. Check out this blog to know why and when would you choose HANA over MS SQL.

Other option? Yes, the time has come for SAP Business One customers who have been running their ERP solutions on-premise to make the bold move to an on-cloud solution. Why On-Cloud SAP Business One? Click here to evaluate both hosting options.

Axxis Consulting provides a free assessment package for existing customers! We are very excited to discuss all the upgrade options in the SAP Business One 10.0 as well as implementing the best option for your business. 

Start planning your transition to SAP Business One Version 10.0 today. Reach out to our SAP Business One support consultant to discuss your upgrade strategy.

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