When you have a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) business that sells things like food, toys, or household items, you need to keep track of what you have in stock, information about each product, and how you deliver them to people.

If you sell things online via eCommerce platforms, it’s even more important to keep track of deliveries. You also need a way to stay in touch with your customers and make sure they’re happy with their purchases.

Keeping all of these in mind, it would be great to have a holistic system where you can keep all your information in one place and use it whenever and wherever you want.  With a CPG Cloud ERP solution, you can easily manage your inventory and keep track of the movement of your products. Plus, you can use the system anytime and from anywhere you want.

But the big question is, which system should you pick?

If you choose SAP ERP, you can be assured of better planning, logistics, and complete control over the operations. NetSuite’s ERP system also has some good features, but for companies that sell consumer packaged goods (CPG), a problem is that you can’t make updates on your own – NetSuite decides when and how updates happen. Hence, when it comes to CPG Cloud ERP, most companies prefer SAP ERP.

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How can CPG companies benefit from a SAP Cloud ERP solution?

1. Better management of consumer demands

The primary objective of a CPG Cloud ERP is to allow you complete access to the system. You can do supply chain management any time and from anywhere. Say, for instance, you need a product delivered at a specific location at a given time.

You can allocate the work, supply chain management, and update the inventory in a single go with the use of CPG Cloud ERP. You will not have to worry about having access to a single system to update your customer about your business’s operation and logistics aspects.

With the broadening scope of business, it has become essential to come up with better consumer management. When you opt for SAP ERP, you ensure that the entire operations of your business are handled with ease.

With the help of CPG Cloud ERP, you can be assured of the following:

  • Better functionality:

    You can be assured of seamless data migration and customization of the system as per your requirements.

  • Manage your staff training requirements:

    The training of your staff has to be upgraded based on the changing customer requirements . With the help of a cloud-based system, you can easily set up a system to train your staff regularly to meet customer requirements.

  • Improves accessibility and reduces operational expenses:

    In most cases, the ERP is managed in-house with an on-premise system. But with a cloud-based ERP, you can get better management, and you do not have to maintain an IT staff separately. In addition, the cloud-based SAP ERP will ensure that all your data and customer relationship details are stored on a cloud-based data center.

The objective of a cloud-based ERP is to make it simpler to make business decisions. When you have the data and the evaluations, you can understand the changes that need to be taken to improve your business. In the long run, you will find that CPG Cloud ERP can also reduce your operational expenses.


2. CPG Cloud ERP offers better inventory management

For CPG companies’ inventory management is an essential requirement. With globalization, your customer requirements have also changed. Customers have become more informed, and they do not want to purchase products without having acquired all the necessary knowledge about the item. When you talk about necessary knowledge, it can mean from where the item is being sourced, the storage details, and other such information associated with the product.

Similarly, it is also necessary to remain in touch with your customers. Creating a continuous chain of contact with your consumers with a consumer sentiment analysis is essential to understand your customer requirement. This can be applicable even for a store and not just an eCommerce portal dependent on customer analytics. You need to evaluate the items that your customer is likely to purchase and accordingly build an inventory.

Inventory management is something that you would consider would happen only at the site. However, you can associate the inventory and customer behavior with the business management solution with the CPG Cloud ERP solution. Your can identify the customer behavior, the products they are likely to purchase. As a result, you can build a better inventory. This is especially applicable for SMEs looking to expand their operations by meeting customer requirements.


3. CPG Cloud ERP offers scalability.

If you a small or medium-sized business enterprise, you will look for a business management option that offers scalability. This is especially true for a CPG company.

A customer-facing company will need to expand its business as its customer base expands. As a result, its operations will increase, and as a business manager, you will have to recruit more staff. This means you will have to develop a smooth workflow and a business management system.

When you choose a cloud-based ERP solution, scalability is not an issue. You can easily upgrade it without making any significant changes to the system.

  • SAP’s cloud-based ERP solutions are all developed in-house:

    You can be assured that SAP ERP solutions will provide you with easy upgrades when you look for upgrades and operational expansion. Furthermore, these upgrades will be done in keeping with the existing data structure of your company.

  • SAP’s CRM integrated ERP solution makes it ideal for CPG companies looking to expand their customer base:

    It will help you evaluate the existing customer base and identify better methods of expanding your customer base. In addition, running analytics based on the database is essential for CPG companies looking to expand operations.

CPG companies looking to expand their customer base are often faced with stiff completion. Here it becomes essential to identify better means of communicating with customers and improving operations. This can include everything from supply chain management to logistics.  SAP Cloud ERP will ensure that you do not have to opt for another solution to meet the particular business requirement.

When you think of scalability, it should include your entire business enterprise and all its operations. With globalization, it has become vital that you offer a better organized and streamlined business front to your customers. This starts with the procurement of the product to ensuring that you provide your consumer with adequate service.

Thus, scalability will ensure that all your operations come under a single business solution as your business expands. This is precisely what a CPG Cloud ERP solution offers.


4. CPG Cloud ERP can improve your sales management

CPG Cloud ERP solution can help you increase your sales significantly. The primary reason for this is that you can improve your sales performance management. When you have access to your sales team all the time, you can help them out with better management:

  • Evaluating the problems they face on-field in real-time is an issue that you can handle with the help of a CPG Cloud ERP.
  • Additionally, you can develop customized deals and design plans based on customer demographics of a region depending on the feedback of the sales team. For instance, your sales team offers feedback that there is a demand for a particular product type in a region that you did not think would have purchased the particular item. You can now think of stocking the particular item and offering the product to the customers of the particular region.

With better customer management and sales management, you can increase your revenue. The entire process of procurement of the product, updating the inventory, updating your sales team, and developing a business operation plan can be done within a single program with the help of a CPG Cloud ERP.



Bottom line

The objective of a CPG Cloud ERP is not just to provide you with better accessibility but also to ensure that you have an increased purview over the business operation of your company. For the business manager of a CPG, it is essential to understand the company’s daily activities and overall functioning.

Furthermore, it is essential to have an integrated system for customer management so that customer feedback can form part of the ERP solutions. Therefore, with the help of a cloud-based system specially designed on the SAP platform for CPG industry, you can streamline your business with ease.

CPG Cloud ERP solution is instrumental in shaping a more sustainable and resilient industry.

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