The major concern of the companies is to get an edge over their competitors.  So, they hire the best service providers and choose a reliable platform to grow into an established business in the market.

When it comes to opting for the CRM systems, communications service, online web stores, logistic service providers, and other such services, the following questions arise:

  1. What will be the total cost?
  2. How long will the process take?
  3. How can we integrate these automated systems into the current management processes?

There isn’t a better way to integrate these third-party services and business applications into your current SAP Business One than by using the SAP Business One Integration Hub.

So, before we discuss the benefits of this solution, let’s have a look at the meaning and purpose of SAP Business One.


What is SAP Business One and How Does it Benefit SMEs?

SAP Business One is a customized solution that is specifically designed to cater to the integration requirements of the small and medium-sized firms. One of the advantages that make SAP Business One a reliable and the most sought-after option for the SMEs is its exceptional integration qualities. In fact, integration has been considered the most crucial factor for the brand.

So far, there is no other product or brand that could beat SAP Business One in terms of extension and integration. Its flexible and robust nature makes it an ultimate option for all sizes. Moreover, it’s for the types of companies looking for smoother and hassle-free integration solutions. SAP Business One is an ERP software that is designed to offer a single application solution to all range of industries. In addition, all sorts of the essential features and functionalities can be integrated into the SAP Business One in a personalized format.

The major goal of the software is to streamline routine business operations and allow companies to access real-time information in one system. Given that you have SAP Business One, you don’t need to invest additional bucks in duplicate data entry services. Not only does it simplify the basic management operations, but the software is pretty easy to implement in an organization. Moreover, you don’t need to be a professional developer or programmer to operate the solution. You could easily install the additional extensions and the advanced versions of the software without having to seek professional help.

Major Perks of SAP Business One

As mentioned above, SAP Business One is a reliable solution to all kinds of integration requirements. From streamlining your regular business tasks to ensuring smoother management, the software can do it all for you.


major perks of SAP Business One

  • Leverage the automatic alert feature: eliminates the requirement of questioning the system for particular information. It sends you automatic alerts.
  • You no longer need to hire a professional accountant for the financial and accounting management needs: SAP Business One assists you in drafting and handling the journal entries, ledger account, bills receivables, and bills payable accounts, cost accounts, and more. It could be used for drafting the financial statement of the company.
  • Get real-time inventory updates about the inventory levels: You could also use the software to track inventory and get quick alerts as soon as you have run out of stock.
  • The system ensures smoother and easier management of customer data.
  • It makes it easier for firms to quote an accurate delivery date and the quantity of the item to their clients.

Overall, SAP Business One has proven an effective way of attracting new customers to your brand, building brand efficiency, and achieving higher ROI. The software allows smoother management of simple to complex business tasks – be it the financial and accounting management or inventory tracking and customer data handling.


The Need for an Extension

The advent of the 2.0 integration framework has proven quite beneficial for small and medium-sized organizations. The new version comes with easy-to-use and advanced integration options. Overall, the product has witnessed a significant improvement in its implementation and functioning. There is no denying that SAP Business One happens to be one of the comprehensive and robust integration solutions. The software offers numerous technological and management benefits to the users.

A wide variety of SAP solutions for the Internet of Technology (IoT), subsidiaries integration, business reporting & analyzing, and etc., rely on the SAP Business One Integration Hub framework. Industries provide vertical and horizontal services to cover a broad range of intricate requirements.

The common perspective about integration is, its a technical job that requires skills, experience, and significant knowledge in the relevant industry. Yet, there has always been a demand for the SAP extension that not only offers standard integration solutions, but it’s easy to implement without needing a tech-expert. Therefore, SAP has come up with the latest hub that simplifies all sorts of business operations and ensures the smoother implementation of the system. Now, people can access and implement SAP Business One into their small and medium scale firms easily.


Straightforward and Hassle-Free Integration Option for SMEs

The good news is that the company has come up with a simple and unique solution for SAP Business One. So, SAP can offer a straightforward and hassle-free integration option, especially for SMEs.

No technical complexity

The SAP Business One Integration Hub extension is designed to eliminate the technical complexity from the software integration features. The new extension enables customers and business partners to implement a ready-made SAP solution. The best part is that the users no longer need technical knowledge or training to be able to set up the solution. Within a few clicks, you can implement SAS Business One and enjoy its benefits.

The setup process takes no longer than an hour

All that the user has to do is identify connection parameters and verify the mapping. The company has designed quite a few scenarios that range from basic to complex ones. As of now, the company has added only a few scenarios. However, it does plan on supplying more in a short period. It is important to note that certain scenarios can be accessed only by the users of the intercompany integration solution. The rest are free of cost. Not only that, but the company has allowed individuals to access the 30-days free trial period for specific scenarios.


WATCH: A Quick Look SAP Business One Integration Hub


As mentioned above, the ultimate goal of this new level is to provide the customers, distributors, businesses, manufacturers, resellers, implementers, and industrialists with a high-quality, ready-made software set up solution. Be ready to witness a massive growth in your projects and conversions after the installation of SAP Business One Integration Hub.


What Does the SAP Business One Integration Hub Cover?

SAP Business One Integration Hub is provided to the users with Intercompany PL37. Here is the complete list of the templates the solution supports:

Shopify : An e-Commerce platform for online shopping

UPS : International transportation as well as logistic service providers

Fixer : Exchange rate API (application programming interface)

Aramex : International transportation as well as logistic service providers

Magento : An e-Commerce platform supporting online shopping and transactions

Mailchimp : an e-mail marketing software, featuring advanced CRM tools

DHL : international transportation as well as logistic service providers

Salesforce : CRM platform, which brings clients and business together

Nexmo : SMS service provider

Expensify : a system responsible for expense management, business travel, and receipt scanning tasks

FedEx : International transportation as well as logistic service providers

SendGrid : an email-delivery platform, responsible for ensuring smoother and faster delivery of marketing as well as transactional emails

RFQ : It stands for the Request for Quotation with SAP Business One

Microsoft Dynamic 365 : CRM and ERP Software Package


The company has designed this hub to focus more on the scenarios that have been extensively used and needed by the customers, manufacturers, resellers, and other service providers. But that’s not all! SAP have also taken basic features and common requirements into consideration.

The major objective of SAP is to provide SMEs with an innovative and smart solution that ensures rapid digital integration. The package has helped many customers get quick and accurate cloud integration services.

Also, the company aims to enhance the software by supplying further scenarios that could ensure the integration of SAP systems, HR solutions, mobile solutions, logistic solutions, and more.


We guide you through every step of the way with your integration of SAP Business One. Take action with our experienced consultants, let’s make it as smooth as possible.

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