The arts and crafts project begins at the end of the month. It may sound like fun, but it’s not easy by any means. Because we need to look for a stapler and glue to paste our faded receipts on A4 papers or spend hours scanning receipts and filling out a spreadsheet to claim travel expenses.

Firstly, it goes to the admin to reconcile massive claim related documents in the inbox or on the desk…then to your manager for their approval…Again, goes to the admin…And finally, after a long wait, you will get the claim!

So, every person in the company spends so much time managing and processing expenses. It will become even worst if you lost the receipts.

  • What if the receipt goes into the app on your phone immediately?
  • How nice! If your travel report goes to your manager directly for fast claim approval?
  • What if the management can have a bird’s-eye view of the company’s monthly, quarterly or yearly expenses that can help in their budget planning?

You can have all of that with Grab for Business and SAP Concur integrated platform – the optimal way to save time and money.

Grab for Business

Grab, a leading and popular ride-hailing platform providing transport freedom for millions of people in 339 cities across eight Southeast Asia (SEA) countries. Just with one top-rated mobile app Grab is solving several major transportation challenges especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. Their services include travel (through the car, taxi or bike) and delivery (for food, daily essentials and parcels). Also, you can make hotel booking directly within the Grab App.

Additionally, this fantastic app has become the top choice of people in Southeast Asia including Singapore and Malaysia because of its continuous innovation of numerous services which are safe and affordable to meet diverse needs of customers as well as corporate customers.

On top of that, they have newly launched Grab for Business. It’s a transportation expense management solution to facilitate corporate customers to manage activities, policies, and reports on transportation expenditure. Moreover, this online integrated platform provides insurance protection and 24/7 customer service assistance.

The Key Advantages of Grab for Business

  • Increase productivity of corporate users both from start-ups and large organizations:

Grab for business has been proven to improve work productivity through the digitization process such as digital receipts and automatic real-time travel information consolidation that save so much of client’s time and energy.

  • Easy implementation and management of policies that increase the efficiency of employees and the company’s business travel:

Features of the Grab for business app allow corporate users to adapt to their needs such as fixing a claimable amount for each employee. In addition, business travel expenses of every divisions or team of each project can be tracked and controlled.

  • Minimize corporate expenses:

Encourages the growth of your business with practical non-cash payment methods. Certainly, those services are effective, safe and convenient which can minimize your corporate expenses concurrently.


Grab for Business Services

1. Concierge service – assist guests to book transportation service

Grab for Business offer a web-booking transportation service (without using the Grab app) via Concierge feature. Where the companies especially hotels, shopping centres as well as for those who are having meetings outside the office can easily book multiple trips for guests simultaneously. They just need to enter passenger details and passengers will receive the order confirmation via SMS.

The advantages of Concierge services:

  • shorter waiting times
  • various payment method options
  • a centralized payment or billing management to control expenses seamlessly


2. Courier services for business purposes via GrabExpress

A reliable and secure document or consignment shipping services supported by trace & tracking and proof of delivery. Hence, this web-booking courier service provides flexibility to the company in managing courier requirements such as the number of shipments per day and the payment method.


 3. Consolidated business travel with GrabRewards

The corporate employees can order a safe and comfortable car via their own Grab mobile app. Apart from that, employees can get various attractive rewards from the points they collected from every business trip they take. Anyway, they can choose the reward from GrabRewards catalogues.

Whereases, the user company can control the travel of the employees via Grab for Business platform whether from daytime to nighttime. Also, can choose from economy to premium. Furthermore, the company can arrange a comfortable and safe travel experience for clients and guests from anywhere and anytime.


4. GrabGifts

A digital voucher that the company can give as a prize to clients, guests, and employees in business events, loyalty programs, and client appreciation. By the way, the vouchers can be exchanged for value, travel trips and promo codes substantially for your brand experience.


5. Business Profile

Business Profile can categories the types of trips and help to manage the expenses.

What is business profile Grab

Image source: Grab for Business

Corporate users can create their own business profile to synchronize their Grab account with the expense management system. So, they can receive monthly business travel reports. Well, the proof of business travel will be sent directly to their work email.

How? Scroll down to read the workflow…


6. Integration with expense management solution for faster claim processing

Grab for Business can be your one-stop solution to streamlining operations and digitizing corporate transport where you can save time and cost. The portal is fully integrated with expense management solutions including SAP Concur, Expensify, and River Chrome.

Most importantly, the SAP Concur users who travel with Grab can enjoy a faster process of expense claims. You can say goodbye to manual expense reporting because the receipts are all electronic now that not required to scan and upload receipts anymore. So, you just need to link the Grab app to your SAP Concur account, then the receipt will auto- synchronized. Next, will be routed for straightforward approval processes for the faster claim processing.

Hang on! What is SAP Concur?

SAP Concur

SAP Concur, the world’s leading travel, expense, and invoice management that helps companies see spending clearly and manage it proactively.

The mobile app facilitates employee for each business trip, bills are easily consolidated into expense reports, and invoice approvals for fast claiming processes. Furthermore, this well -designed SAP Concur mobile app that can easily integrate with company credit cards and taxi services such as Grab minimized the amount of time spent on system management. Thus, this expense management software simplifies and automates these everyday businesses processes.

SAP Concur – App Store Preview

SAP Concur mobile app expense reporting
SAP Concur mobile app 2

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The Integration of Grab and SAP Concur

Grab and SAP Concur are driven by innovation and making people’s lives easier with more transparent and easier travel expenditure management process which can save time and reduce business costs too.

The employees with SAP Concur account can send their e-receipts and Grab transactions directly to their Concur Expense account for reimbursement via API. As a result, they have greater control over expense management and reporting processes without the need for paper receipts.

SAP Concur users not only can book airfare, hotels, daily meal allowance and grab a ride from their mobile device, but they can also take a photo of their receipt. After that, the software populates their expense reports automatically and accurately. Whichever Grab service you choose, you can auto-record your expenses – be it through the mobile app or the web-based interface.

Additionally, the near-real-time data, use of Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) and AI make transactions more transparent that can facilitate audit teams. Besides that, the CFO and procurement team of the companies can see exactly what they are spending. Moreover, a quick analysis displayed on their concur dashboard help them to make decisions on where they can cut back or negotiate with vendors. Therefore, they can eliminate blind spot in the budget.




How to use Grab Business profile with SAP Concur account?

1. Download the Grab app to your iOS or Android device.

2. Set up your Grab account and tap on “Add a business profile” under Profiles and follow the instructions below to sync to your SAP Concur profile.

Grab Business Profile Workflow 1

Grab Business Profile Workflow 2


3. Subsequently, verify your work email to receive e-receipts directly from the Grab for Business app so that you can receive statements on a weekly or monthly basis too.


Grab Business Profile Workflow 4


4. Book a ride or delivery service and your e-receipt will be automatically uploaded into your Concur Expense account. Plus, all the travel information such as employee name, date and time of travel, pickup and drop-off location, vehicle type as well as payment method chosen will be consolidated automatically in real-time – from the grab app to your SAP Concur account.


expense management


Manage your expenses easily with SAP Concur and Grab for Business to solve your financial challenges and delight employees.

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