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SAP Business One Demo – Version 10

SAP Business One: Overview and Highlights of Version 10

Make your business Run Easier with SAP Business One 10.0 - Increase your productivity with the new SAP Business One 10.0 enhancements: New 'Web Client' with a modern and fresh look & feel, sophisticated analytic charting capabilities and improved usability in Production. Take advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 Integration with easier document layout management.

Join us to have a first look at the SAP Business One 10.0

In this live webinar, we showcase the latest release version 10 of SAP Business One and address how the solution helps your business run easier and increase your productivity.


  • What is SAP Business One 10.0 / Why ERP?
  • Live Demo of SAP Business One 10.0
  • Questions and Answers

This seminar will be presented by our SAP Business One Solution Architect, who will also be able to answer questions that you might have. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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