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Production Planning

As a small medium enterprise, one may not have the budget or internal capabilities for advanced manufacturing systems. To manage it’s production processes efficiently, SAP Business One offers the solution.

SAP Business One provides a powerful and easy to use production planning module that is fully integrated with inventory, financial and MRP features. Thousand of companies leverage on SAP Business One as a single business system to support visibility, efficiency and decision making in their production planning.

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Material Resource Planning

Material management features to automate order, stock related production, mixed and variant productions and other production controls easily.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Effectively manage  and streamline production scheduling such as order time, lead time, capacity allocation and resource availability with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

Project & Production Management

Improve efficiencies by staying on top of projects with real time and cross functional reporting including logistics management and cost accounting.

Supply Chain & Sales Management

Create and manage supply sales order and purchases order efficiently and automate transactions based on EDI industry standards.

Pool & Quality Controls

Improve planning efficiency with pool controls defined by volume of work and quality tests throughout the production process.

Multiple Warehouse Management

Enhance accuracy and streamline the inventory management process with advanced bin location and warehouse tracking.

“Thanks to Axxis Consulting and SAP Business One, our finance team hardly works overtime anymore, and our response time to customers went from about 2 days to a matter of minutes”

Gunananthan N.
CFO, Tricklestar

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As a small medium enterprise, one may not have the budget or internal capabilities for advanced manufacturing systems. SAP Business One Production software solution will take you to the next level, enhancing and streamlining your production processes.

This is what SAP Business One offers – download the solution brochure below.

Managing Production Planning with SAP Business One

In this video, we walk you through a demonstration of SAP Business One in relation to production planning. We’ll talk about how SAP Business One can help you review your resources availability and capacity, streamline your inventory allocation and demand forecast, and transform real time data into actionable insights.

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