Oracle Taleo

The modern talent acquisition solution

A cloud-based talent management software, Oracle Taleo is a solution suite that provides you with the talent intelligence for large enterprises as well as small and mid-sized businesses. The perfect way to hire the best people, align them to corporate objectives, and develop their skills to drive superior business results.
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Key Features

Recruiting and Onboarding

Candidate Management

Learning and Development

Performance Management

Compensation Management

Succession Planning

New employees productive from day one

Proactively monitor the onboarding process and reduce bottlenecks to ensure new hires have everything they need.

Custom New Hire Portal – Improve engagement and eliminate costly printing and mailing with a central, personalized source of new employee information.

Recruiter/Hiring Manager Dashboards – Ensure smooth onboarding by checking up-to-the-minute statuses for new hires and onboarding activities.

Seamless Integration – Set up and track training and performance management activities and send validated new hire information automatically to HRIS, payroll, and other systems.

Electronic Forms Management – Increase compliance and reduce paperwork by creating, storing, and managing all onboarding forms electronically.

Correspondence Library – Automate service requests and facilitate updates with access to an online repository of specialized communications.

Onboarding Reporting – Keep things on track, monitor tasks, and address bottlenecks in the onboarding process.

Provide a compelling, candidate-centric experience

Dashboards – Creates dashboards to track information like open positions, current headcount, and recruiting pipeline.

Workflow Building – Enables the building of custom recruiting workflows.

Hiring Processes Tracking – Tracks a candidates spot in the hiring process.

Scheduling – Integrates with calendars and allows the scheduling of phone screens and interviews.

Applicant Data Management – Stores applicant data that can be accessed by multiple people on a team.

Candidate Evaluations – Enables users to share feedback on candidates.

Automated Resume Parsing – Analyses resumes and applicant data based on user-selected preferences.

Candidate-Facing Statuses – Enables candidates to view where they are in the hiring process.

Engage your employees with impactful learning

Embedded and Contextual Learning – Access just-in-time content that is embedded in the business processes.

Collaborative, Social Learning – Connect and share content with peers or subordinates.

Targeted Training – Establish curriculum for mentoring programs, rotational assignments, or other training programs based on company needs.

Real-Time Progress Tracking – Enable managers and L&D experts to gain immediate insight into course completion and compliance tracking.

Assessments and Practice – Provides Quizzes, Testing and Software Simulations to reinforce and measure effectiveness of materials

Content Delivery and Tracking – Includes Self led, Infrastructure lead, web-based collaboration and tracking of completion for compliance.

Content Creation – Provides tools to create training materials for instructor lead and self lead courses.

Content Storage and Management – Provides functionality to store, organize and search all training content.

Content Libraries – Provides pre-created content on standard topics that can be used as part of a curriculum.

Build a culture to promote quality work and feedback

Standardize, configure, and refine performance review processes to meet your unique business needs over time. Streamline the review process with ready access to feedback and updates that have been collected over time.

Unlimited Configurable Review Forms – Easily configure unlimited review forms, rating scales, and workflows to fit unique functional, organizational, and geographic requirements.

Matrix Management – Enable collaboration on performance reviews, goal setting, and employee development through a unique visual approach to matrix management.

Performance Calibration – Compare individual employee performance to others and against defined benchmarks.

Multi-Rater – Create a more complete picture of performance using feedback from managers, peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders.

Competency Management – Consistently define the skills, knowledge, and experience required for a specific job using Taleo’s standard competency library, premium content provided by one of our partners, or your own library.

Writing Assistant Tools – Help managers deliver relevant, well-written performance reviews with clear and consistent feedback.

Create a fair system to ensure employee satisfaction

Reward Structuring – Define compensation packages and allowance plans within the system. Specify the various components of compensation, including base pay, bonuses, and equity. Structure compensation pools and hierarchies for continual planning.

Event Management – Coordinate new hire, transfer, promotion, and termination events within the system using rules to automatically facilitate the associated compensation adjustments.

Compensation History – Access employee compensation history and talent records when evaluating compensation adjustments to inform decision making.

Automated Compliance – Maintain compliance with corporate policies, state mandates, and federal regulations regarding compensation with built in compliance features, including automated identification and flagging of unapproved behaviours.

Compensation Data Management – Easily import data into or export data from the system, and access employee compensation data quickly within the system. Create compensation hierarchies so that managers can access relevant team information.

Reporting Capabilities – Create standard reports of compensation data within the system. Trends and other graphical representations of data displayed by analytics dashboards can be included in reports.

Build pipelines of critical talent

Oracle Taleo Succession Planning Service helps organizations create succession plans that retain high potential leaders, build talent pools for business growth, and avoid disruptions caused by unplanned turnover. By helping organizations systematically consider both internal and external talent for key roles, Oracle Taleo Succession Planning Service matches the best talent to future needs.

Comprehensive Succession Plans – Confidently create backfill strategies using data captured in the recruiting and performance review processes coupled with individual career plans. Include external candidates to ensure the best fit candidates are identified.

Talent Pools – Assign and track development progress for critical roles and employee populations. Facilitate talent mobility and internal hiring by giving recruiters visibility into talent pools.

Interactive 9-Box Matrix – Instantly access key metrics like bench strength. Drag and drop employees for on-the-fly talent calibration. Drill down into specific cells to take immediate action.

Candidate Comparisons – Quickly identify the best fit talent by displaying multiple talent profiles side-by-side.

Embedded Analytics – Provide executive-level visibility into key performance metrics. Allow managers to quickly segment and benchmark pools of employees with analytics and visualization tools embedded at the point of action.

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