Technology for the Maritime Industry

Meeting the specific needs of the industry

Sea freight, one of the areas within the Maritime industry, accounts for 90% of the logistics industry worldwide. As the world’s population continues to grow, and consumer demand seeks goods from abroad, water shipping continues to be an important and ever changing industry.

An integrated technology solution that supports all of your operations will help to streamline all stages of your maritime business, and enhance your competitive advantages in the global marketplace.

If you are one of more than 5,000 companies in Singapore involved in the Maritime industry, and you want to increase your productivity, Axxis Consulting can help you. Get the support you need to better manage your projects, equipment, workforce, and financial operations – enabling you to make more informed decisions quickly, and through access to real-time data.

Features & Benefits of SAP Technology for the Maritime Industry

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency in planning and deployment process.

Speed of Adaption

Adapt quickly to changes in the market and customer shipping demands.

Streamline Processes

Cut down your time spent managing complicated logistics across shipping and trade.

Real Time Data

Gain greater insights into critical data through reliable and useful analytics tools.

Productivity Improvements

Maximise labour productivity, increase visibility and clarity into your business operations.

Systems to power growth

Integration of technology solutions that provide the foundations to scale fast and efficiently.

Why Axxis Consulting?

Industry Specialists

Axxis Consulting has helped businesses in the maritime industry across Singapore, Malaysia and Germany transform  and grow via the implementation and optimization of leading edge technology.

SAP Platinum Partner

As an SAP Platinum Partner, you are working with one of the most trusted SAP partners in the region with extensive experience in strategy, implementation and support across SAP industry specific solutions.

Member of United VARs

United VARs is the world’s largest alliance of SAP Channel Partners and a global SAP Platinum partner. Being part of this alliance allows Axxis Consulting access to over 10,000 SAP experts in over 80 countries.

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