SAP for Chemicals Industry

Create safe, sustainable chemicals by enabling digital transformation

Companies operating in the chemicals industry are required to comply with stringent guidelines and regulations, which are constantly changing. An industry specific SAP solution helps you adhere to these regulations whilst continuing to provide additional improvements across production, logistics, supply chain, and more, allowing your business to keep growing.

Axxis Consulting has a broad experience of helping companies in this industry deploy SAP systems that enables them to increase revenue, reduce costs, and efficiently manage their business operations. If you’re looking for digital transformation in the industry, and just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and let us share some of the success stories we’ve enjoyed with other customers in your industry.

Features & Benefits of SAP Technology for Chemicals Industry

Supports GMP Requirements

Industry specific solutions, which ensures all quality, safety, and compliance requirements are met

360 View of Business

Have full insight into how your business is running, with detailed analytics to drive improvements.

Advanced Inventory Management

Track by-products and co-products, yield, waste-age, shelf life, expiry date, FIFO and FEFO in one system

Real Time Data & Insight

Record data modifications, production and quality control data that includes test, acceptance, and release steps.

Maintenance / Service Management

Track the status of your production equipment so that you know when it is time for maintenance or the status of a repair.

Systems to power growth

Integration of technology solutions that provide the foundations to scale fast and efficiently.

Why Axxis Consulting?

Industry Specialists

Axxis Consulting has helped businesses in the chemicals industry across Singapore, Malaysia and Germany transform and grow via the implementation and optimization of leading edge technology.

SAP Platinum Partner

As an SAP Platinum Partner, you are working with one of the most trusted SAP partners in the region with extensive experience in strategy, implementation and support across SAP industry specific solutions.

Member of United VARs

United VARs is the world’s largest alliance of SAP Channel Partners and a global SAP Platinum partner. Being part of this alliance allows Axxis Consulting access to over 10,000 SAP experts in over 80 countries.

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